How much weight ? :wub:

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  1. It's currently day 15 flowering finishing the initial stretch from switching 12/12
    i'm going to try scrogging soon , just gotta mod my cabinet ,
    what do you think the weight will be without SCROG , and 
    the weight with SCROG ?
    thanks all, good day  :wave:


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    Scrogging at the point would be a waste of effort imo. You scrog while vegging so that when you flower you have an even canopy and all budsites develop evenly. Thats the whole point, if your budsites are already uneven theres no point. Try next grow, checkout lbh's scrog tutorial. just google it. And id guess maybe an oz? hard to tell the size of the plant
  3. Beautiful plant. Its pretty late in flower for a scrog. There's training involved to get the bud sites to go where you want them. Maybe a trellis could be used to limit height, but that doesn't appear to be an issue kind of hard to tell. Its hard to have someone guess the final weight and it is just a guess. There's too many factors involved to take a guess from a picture. If someone tells you 2oz and you get 1 then you wonder what went from. If someone tells you 1oz and you get 2......well that would feel good I guess. Do your best and learn. Quality over quantity any day of the week.

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