How much weed would you eat if you just got pulled over?

Discussion in 'General' started by EASYlivin, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. I've been thinkin about this lately. If I was smoking while driving and I have like 2 joints, psh. Id eat those fuckers in like ten seconds.

    But say you pick up an eighth, Would you start chomping once you spot those lights in your rearview? Have any of you wish you ate your weed or actually did do it? Share.

    I might start carrying 2 pieces of bread so if this did happen id have a nice "lettuce" sandwich;) jk haha
  2. an 1/8th if i had to.
  3. i wasn't driving, but i got aproached and swallowed two grams real quick once.
  4. My body weight.
  5. Not sure what I do, when I still had my car I had this empty casette tape case so I throw that shit in there and put it in my glovebox, hope for the best, otherwise like $100 fine I'd just pay that rather than try to eat an 8th lol.
  6. i would actually keep all my weed in a bag wand shove it up my ass should i be pulled over

    is smell probable cause?

    also i would keep ciggarettes in my car so if i get pulled over i can cover smell and explain why car is smoky
  7. anywhere from 3.5 to 7 grams
  8. i'd eat as much as i'd need to

    then again, i don't drive, and i'm not dumb enough to get caught
  9. I wouldn't eat anything, my stash game is fuckin tight. Knowing your rights helps a good bit too.

    I've been pulled over mid-burn session multiple times (4-8x that i've been pulled over) and haven't once been caught.
  10. none. not only am i legal, if you get caught you'll be in a lot more trouble than if you just fessed up
  11. All of it.

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