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how much weed would i use if i vaped?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by preewee, Jun 27, 2011.

  1. I've heard heavy smokers with high tolerances say that they use like 0.2 grams. I can get really high when i smoke .2 grams..... how much would i put in a vape to get me baked? I've always wanted to try vaping.
  2. Personally I like the act of smoking... hitting the bong... that's the fucking shit, vaping can't really compare to that.

    But I can load half a .1 in the vape and be baked. Vaping is a different high though.
  3. yeah thats more or less why i wanted to try it out. I've heard different things about it. I get what you're saying though. I do like the act of smoking.
  4. Please elaborate further. I'm thinking of buying a vapor.

  5. It's more 'heady'. For me it's impossible to get 'stoned' like I would from a bong from a vaporizer. In my experience vapes are better if you have to get shit done.
  6. is it better in general though?

  7. i thought it was... im thinking of getting da buddha vape :smoke::smoke:

  8. It's all opinion. To me the act of smoking hits the nail on the head - something a vaporizer can't supply.

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