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How Much Weed Will Get You High??

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by chd33, Jul 23, 2014.

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  1. #1 chd33, Jul 23, 2014
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    So My tolerance is almost inexistent so it shouldn't be to much. But I have 40$ saved away for weed and I wanna know how many times I can get high with 40$ worth, and how many grams of mids 40$ will get me! Also if it doesn't take alot to get high, also tell me how much dank I can get with 40$...Thanks guys!
    EDIT: Well you all are kind of saying I dont have enough info so...I live in Alabama, the deep south. I have never bought marijuana myself, I smoke it with friends so IDK how much I would smoke by myself. I want to know how much weed it takes to get high! Like 0.5g? 1g? I want to know that! Thanks..!

    I am no expert but with all the info you provided you will get approximately $40 worth of weed for $40. If you're not a dumbass about what you buy.
  3. Is that you chad..
  4. You answered none of my question..... ?
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  5. I guess I should re word this, I meant " How much weed does it take to get you high" Hope that clarifies... :)
  6. One good hit. Iv only had 4 tokes in the last year.
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  7. Depends on the area you're in. Depends how much you smoke each session. You could get anywhere from a quarter to 2gs depending on where you're from...
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  8. 2 hits dude so lets say u smoke a bowlful every time u smoke ill save with 40$ u can get 15 bowl fulls
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    Yes! This kind of missing info. 
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  10. OK guys read the edit!
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    Well I think you would be safe with .25 of a gram. Party on Wayne.
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  12. Yeah I'd prolly say .25 is reasonable for a decent sized bowl. Prolly would need to smoke less if you're smoking 1 hitters though. Also what are you planning on smoking out of?
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  13. This question has no true answer, 1 hit can do it, Or 5. Tolerance, weight, metabolism, a whole lot depends on how high you will get and for how long. If I had to take a guess on how much weed you could get for 40 dollars in Alabama I'd say somewhere around 3-4g. Which if you don't smoke a lot, could last you weeks.

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  14. Taking your question into consideration, are you going to be smoking alone or with friends? Because one bowl or joint with friends isn't that much to an individual. Half of a bowl or joint to yourself of good weed should get you high. Try to get at least 2 or 3 grams of good weed, or 7 grams of mids, That should be around 40 bucks worth for a cheapskate dealer, but idk your dealers prices or anything so that'll have to do.
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  15. alright well my tolerance is 0, basically. I weigh 140 and I have a good metabolism. Does that help?
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  16. I am probably just going to roll a joint, would the amount in a bowl have the same effectiveness if it was in a joint? Or no? Because I have heard Bongs and Pipes and Bubblers and such hit you harder, me myself have not used any of those though. I have used a hookah, is it similiar?
  17. Get a gram of weed and you'll be good for maybe two to four smoke sessions. If youre smoking joints, blunts, papers, etc. if youre gonna hit a bowl i'd say you have a decent amount of sessions with a gram maybe 4 idk for sure. Also really good weed like some dank shit you shouldnt pay more than 20$ for

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  18. Tough questions because there are a lot of answers. If you're rolling you're going to need to probably use half a g and no doubt it will get you stoned. Joints, bubblers, bongs and pipes all have different highs. Joints are really intense for a shorter amount of time and hit you right away. Pipes are more similar to joints then bongs and bubblers. Bongs and bubblers will get you really stoned for awhile. So you should probably expect your intense high for about an hour could deff be longer because you have no tolerance. My suggestion, personally would be to make a pipe out of an apple. It's really simple to do, plenty of guides on youtube on how to do it. You'll just save weed and get a longer lasting high from using a piece rather then smoking out of a joint.
    Here's what i have found out personally. You'll get just as high smoking .3 out of a bowl rather then smoking a .5 joint. All personal preference though. You're going to be pretty stoned either way.
  19. *sigh* another 13 year old......
    You can get an 8th of high mids or a quat of low mids. Don't ask me to explain the difference.
    In Alabama you should get 2 grams of dank.
    Only YOU will know how much it takes to get you high. How the fuck is anyone on here supposed to know?
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    I am not 13 sir, I am 16 :) And I was asking on average how much it takes, no reason to be an ass.
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