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How much weed to pack in gravity bong

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by 420 High Times, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. I hear that usuing a gravity bong really saves weed when smoking by yourself. So I made a gravity bong, (never used one before) I have a socket piece that is 7/32. How much weed do i put it there b/c most sites suggest a 3/16 socket piece and 7/32 is up larger than 3/16.

    So how much do I put in the socket piece and will it only last one hit? Will that one hit get me high?
  2. i used to pack .5s if i had to take a guess and it milked the shit out of my 2 liter bottle i was using, and it got me nice and Baked. I used a very small slide off my mini bong.
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    You realize you have almost exactly the same ratchet as suggjested, right? A 3/16th is soo close to a 7/32 that a 3/16 would probably latch onto what the 7/32 is made for.

    a 3/16th's is a 6/32nd's

    Just fill it up, Don't be afraid to pack it down like with a bowl either. I've only seen a gravity get clogged once and it's still beyond me how he did it.

    Edit: Some people pull 2x from a gravity. Some people pull once and then re-pack. Try doing smaller hits at first, no one will be around to nag you.
  4. I dont know what the size oF the socket I use is, but I usually just pack the bowl until its Full. Even using a small one I'll get Fucked up aFter 2 packs. Gravity's are the way to go. I maybe get 8 packs outa a gram

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