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how much weed should i get for 30 dollars of mids, beasters or dank

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by MadDroIngo, Sep 25, 2008.

  1. I live in NC btw so like average prices.
  2. eighth of mids
    2 of beasters
    1.5 of dank
  3. better than mids better not as good as dank
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    oh high mids got you.
    1.5 grams of exotic
    vick of decent mids
  5. 4.5 of mids
    2 for beasters
    1.5 ish for dank

    30 dollar eighth of mids is just too high.
  6. Around here:

    About a quarter of mids(7 grams)
    Maybe 3 grams of beasters
    A gram of headies/dank
  7. thats awfully cheap for mids and expensive for heads...I used to cop at about 10 bucks a 1/8 and push at 20 for mids, but that's not common, most places you can settle for 30 for an 1/8 of mids, even though it is sort of high. 2G of beasters is about right, and 1.5 of heads is standard.
  8. Get an extra 5 bucks and you can prolly get a 1/4 of mids. G of dank. 2-3 G's of beasters.
  9. Mids should get you a 4.5-5.2 sack
    Beasters should be 2.5-3 g's
    Heads should be 2 g's [$25 1.7 + $5 .3]
  10. yeah, ive never seen a 1/4 or a gram of anything for 30. for me, in upper ny, its 25 for half 1/8 headies, and 35-40 for 1/8 mids-beasters (nothing too too bad here), 30 isn't a price i usually pay
  11. not sure bout NC but in PA avg:
    mids - $20-$25 an 1/8
    beasters/nugs - $45-$50 an 1/8th
    dank (headies, exotic) - $60-$65 an 1/8th

    so do the math for $30;)
  12. Do some people honestly pay $30 for a gram of dank $10=.7 of dank in Santa Cruz.
  13. I would want about 4-5 grams of mids depending how good it is.

    2 grams of beasters

    1.75 of dank.

    That's in my town though idk about NC
  14. I was smokin a bit when I type that, forgot the "half". Probably 1.5g of dank.

    And for middies, that's just my guy. He's a friendly guy and does a lot of business so I guess he gives good prices.

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