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How much weed shall I use?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Doughnut, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. Hi Guys and, Girls :cool:

    Ive made brownies before using soap bar (rubbish quality hash) and got very good results.

    I am going away on holiday and my lady friend like brownies, now the problem is I vape my weed so now days am tight with it.

    How many grams should be used for a batch of brownies? I intend to get 6 people high in total.
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    I usually use about 1/4 when i bake and that will definitley get 6 people high.

    but i also vape and was interested in how much vaped bud it would take (I'm assuming thats your intent with the post) so i looked it up online and clinical studies show that vaping provides the same THC content as smoking while using only 31-61% of the THC present in the bud or around 54% in another study. i would assume with that in mind you would use about double that (54%x2) to equate to normal bud.

    so yeah if thats correct like a 1/2 oz of vaped bud should do it or 1/4 of normal bud. If you want stupid strong brownies youre going to have to up that a bit and vise versa if you want a more mellow chow down.

    I have never used vaped weed to bake however so some more input will probably be helpful to clarify if im right or not but regardless have a wicked holiday.

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