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how much weed satisfies you in a solo sesh

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by xACExbongzilla, May 29, 2009.

  1. i personnaly only need one waterfall (small socket bowl) or dank shit to get ripped and iv been smoking almost daily for a year
  2. trutly, no matter how much i smoke im never satisfied. The more I have the more I'll smoke, kinda sucks. But that's just how I am :p
  3. I can't answer that all depends on what I want out of it. It could be as little as .1 grams in my vape or as much as an eighth rolled up in joints.

    We go through 4 grams or so most days between my wife and I. Most of that is me.
  4. I usually only smoke 2 vape bowls per sesh. Each bowl contains .025 grams so I normally would consume .05 grams 2-3 times daily. If I'm rolling blunts or smoking my bong that's another story.:eek:
  5. I think you mean .25?
  6. half a bowl of some dank will make me feel fantastic during a solo sesh. so thats like what .25 of a gram if that.
  7. #7 abnormldood, May 29, 2009
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    No, I do in fact mean .025 grams. The bowl on the Purple Days won't fit more than that and I get 4-6 hits of thick vapor per bowl.

    Edit: This thread made me burn my french fries:(
  8. ^lol i want some burnt french fries. i can smoke .1 and be content, but if im having a real session, i need about a 1g blunt and a .5 bowl with kiff on it - then ill be pretty high.
  9. its such a hard question to does really depend on alot of factors...if you have only a little bit of bud left then you will be satisfied with what you get...but if have alot of bud then you are more prone to smoking least for me that right now I just smoked a 3/4 of a bowl and im kinda high but have alot more bud(and its pay day) so im'a smoke another bowl or
  10. Satisfies? I'd love to be able to just sit around and pack bowl after bowl several times a day.. I could probably go through at least a gram before I stopped for a break. However, due to budget restraints, I'm forced to limit myself to a gram a day, so I try to avoid smoking all day and just chain smoke that gram at night.

  11. same here bro, i drop a fall and im good to go. the high dosent last long but its the perfect amount, no red eyes, simply chillin out. one packed fall of anything from kb to dank is just fine for me. if im about to do something REALLY boring tho, ill go with 2

    gave you some +rep cause i think this is a good thread
  12. depends on the weed :D
  13. 2 bongs for myself is enough for liike 3 hrs. or so
  14. If I have the bud I usually roll like 3g blunts,browse GC while I smoke it :)

    Usually though I'll break up around 2g's of low mids and just smoke that.
  15. Ridiculously small amounts...
  16. 1-2 gs is all i need :hello::smoking:
  17. i usually smoke dank so all i need is like .075-.2 to get a really nice high...
    and my eyes r red as hell and im faded...
    u gotta know how 2 chief and waste no smoke.
    and center your mind on the transformation of ur body...from sober to high...
    take deep breaths and enjoy...
    if u exceed ur level ur tolerance goes ^...:smoke:
    just a couple of pinches gets me right.:D
  18. i like to burn 2 bowls of 0.4g per bowl in my bong to get a good high. if i want to get ripped i would add a 0.2g bowl on top of that.
  19. I get high off of two bong rips. Well, from my bong, that is. So that's around 0.5g.

    However, I love getting ripped far beyond that, so I usually rip probably at least a gram to myself when I have nothing going on.
  20. its probably cuz i just started smoking crip again, but when i smoked regs id just smoke like half a gram a sesh

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