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how much weed is this?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by xxender, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. #1 xxender, Apr 23, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 23, 2010
    I'm a total newb, now that thats said, Ive been smoked out a few times and I have very generous friends but I recently tried to buy $20 worth of what feel like mids (at best), (dub sack) and this is what I got, just wondering if the amount seems right for $20... thanks for any feedback.

    *conclusion seems like its legit, maybe slightly over-priced but not really a rip*
    I will enjoy it and enjoy sharing it, thanks for all the info.

  2. Looks like .9 or a gram on point.
  3. $20 a g for mids? Damn. Around here its $20 a g for heads which is still on the expensive side. In conclusion yes I do believe you're getting ripped off. Depending on where you live, dub sacks tend to be 2.0 - 3.5g of mids.
  4. yeah I felt that too, oh well, I know this friend is hurting for money so its not a big deal, I just wanted to know for future reference because this felt a little weak for $20, gonna go through better source next time. Thanks.
  5. Really can't tell from that pic. If the nugs are dense and seedless, that could be a really good 20. If they're full of seeds or fluffy, you got shafted.

    Close up of a nug?
  6. It looks like mids to me. It looks like around a gram so ill call it a gram. I live in an area with relatively high prices but nothing too too outrageous and for good mids I can get 1.3ish for 10 and thats really not too much of a hookup. The most recent good mids ive gotten was around a week ago I got a little under 2 grams, around a 1.7 for 10 which was a hookup from one of my good friends. So pretty much you deffinately got beat. Now for some advice: Know what your buying and know what to expect. Also, know the prices of your area, do this by just talking to your friends that also smoke about it. One more thing; if your going to be smoking fairly often its not a bad idea to invest in a cheap scale so you know if your getting beat or not. I didnt buy a scale for a long time and I regret it, I probably would have saved some money that way(not a huge amount but still). Well thats enough from me. Hopefully this helped.
  7. im guessing that probably weighs about 1.1 to 1.2
  8. that's easily 1.5 if it's at all dense
  9. 1.5 of mids is still a rip off no matter how you put it
  10. Tried to get the best close up possible: its pretty dense, well two of them are and the other is kinda iffy haha.

    Thanks for all your input, its all helpful.

  11. after examining the close up, the bud appears to be pretty fresh and dense. My guess would be 1.1-1.4.
  12. That close up makes the bud look pretty nice. Maybe you didnt get ripped off, actually you probably didnt. But remember what I said about a scale and all that.
  13. Yeah dude, that looks pretty legit for 20 bucks. No seeds, right?

    You gotta keep in mind too that a 20 bag is the least that most dealers will sell, and that price breaks come with quantity. Just smoke it with someone experienced and ask them if they'd say it's dank. If so, then you definitely got an acceptable bag.

    But if you want deals, buy more! That's probably around a gram, and 20 dollars. Pretty common pricing is $60 for 3.5g (eighth ounce), $100-110 for 7g (quarter ounce). If it gets you ripped, don't ditch the dealer, just ask him where the price breaks are and don't waste his time and baggies buying dub after dub after dub.

    Definitely not mids according to that last pic and a US-based use of vocabulary. I guess in Canada or Cali you might call it mids, but it's beaster at least IMO.
  14. Yeah I'll look into it, thanks for checking the pics.

    Its not bad at all, also I think I like more sativa type high, I have a friend who smokes regularly and her weed is amazing, very happy and clear-headed focused high, I want more mj like that, will have to talk to her to see what she buys. :)
  15. Alright thanks, that was really helpful. Yeah its prob not mids, like I said im not as exp' but I guess im comparing it to some amazing stuff. Ill keep that in mind and will def smoke with a friend wholl appreciate it too and let me know whats up.
  16. it doesnt look like he tried to take you, you got some crystals on that bud. but 20 does seem a little high, especially if it was mids. i get pretendo at 5 bucks a g. 20 bucks would be about right for a g of some DANK (theres a difference between dank and chronic). if anything, im sure if this guy was your normal pick up and you were sick with him, you coulda got that for 15, that wouldve been more appropriate as long as its better than mids. just kinda something you gotta go thru if your not sick with anyone who deals.
  17. That's definetely not mids...doesn't look like to bad of a deal for 20
  18. Makes sense. I have one person but he lives an hour up a mountain and I dont see him often, but hes an awesome connect. this was some post 4/20 celebration mj I wanted asap to share with friends and stuff.
  19. Just smoked a bowl, feeling good. :smoking:

    I've been smoking salvia with the pipe I used, so not sure how they interact but I think im feeling it at least midly like the afterglow I get.

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