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How much weed is this?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Nick12349, Aug 25, 2017.

  1. Buy a cheap (under $10 at Amazon) scale..Best $$ you will spend.
    No one here could venture even a guess ...Billy!
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  2. BTW: RU Sure that is real weed..Looks like fake weed to me..LMAO
  3. Looks like real weed..No idea how much exactly but I wouldn't pay more than $5 for that amount in Washington...That's like 1-2 bong rips.
  4. [​IMG]

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  5. Weed is normally $10 a g in Toronto, and I was told this is 2 gs, I don't have my scale on me atm. Any rough guesses would be great.
  6. The Canadian coin doesn't help as a size reference ;) Either way, hard to tell because bud density can vary so much. I would say it looks like less than 2g, but really, get a scale. $10/g in an illegal area is not bad at all. Before moving to Denver I paid $20/g, $60/eighth, etc. Just enjoy your bud and be glad you have some, cuz there's ppl out there feenin for a hit lol
  7. Thats not 2gs.. probably 1 at most. And the weed looks old and cheap as hell. I would never buy that
  8. Looks like the 1 baggie of snickelfritz amount of weed. Would probably go well with pineapple soda and sour patch kids while watching the Power Rangers movie.
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  9. looks really immature. Who ever grew that should be shot.
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  10. Half a gram of oregano flower.
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  11. bout a kilo of mexican brick shwag
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  12. looks like a gram maybe a little over a gram of some mids with a bad trim job

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  13. Looks to me like its around 1.5g or so, get a scale and weigh your shit out in front of your plug just to be sure my dude
  14. Still probably more than what I paid for when I was 15/16.
  15. Hard to tell how much, probably 1g to 2g depending on density.
  16. Buy a scale that measures in grams.. but don't carry it with you. Possession and intent to sell are no fun, I've heard. Pictures don't tell us anything, pictures on a scale do.

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