How much weed is in this joint it's about couple centimeters shorter than a normal cig

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Stauneris, Sep 14, 2017.

  1. What do I win if I guess the weight?
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  2. Nothing, because I don't even know the weight. Just seeing if anybody has the experience too tell me how much it is.
  3. Eyeballing is a pretty sought after skill. Going to run you about 350 to 1000 depending on quality and weight. For a Hundo I can give yah a esitimate weight that may or may not be correct.
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  4. Lmao how long is a piece of string? How long does it take to get from a to b? How tf are we suppose to know how much is in a joint? A badly rolled joint at that oh billy you sound about 12:laughing:
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  5. Here's a question for you: Why does it matter?
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  6. That's easy got to be a pound or two... no?
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  7. Looks about a good 32 pounds to me bruh :lmafoe:
  8. Easy: how much did you grind up?

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  9. Sorry everyone is being a sarcastic asshole here, thats's about 5 grams mate, take care.
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  10. "5 grams mate"

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  11. Just smoke the bitch

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