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How Much Weed In Your Bowl?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by MiamiDadeKryp, Dec 29, 2008.

  1. i dont really use bongs, im more of a blunt person.

    but im curious to the amount of weed yall put in your bongs.

    so the Question is GC,

    How much weed do you but in your bowl?
  2. I stuff it....My bowl can fit up to 1.2 grams.
  3. Yea i just fill it up.
  4. wow 1.2 in a bowl, thats nicee.

    and if u stuff it, approx how much is that?
  5. As much as it can fit.:bongin:
  6. me as much as i wanna get high at the moment
  7. When I actually bother to weigh up a single bowl it's usually around 0.6 to 1.0g
  8. this much

  9. you can't friggin weigh bowls with normal scales. most digis don't even start counting till .5g's.
  10. you forreal dude? my digi starts at 0.00...
  11. 99.9% of the scales I've seen measured at least 0.1g. Many measure 0.01g or even smaller.
  12. Sometimes I pack party bowls, which basically are as much as I can fit. We weighed it once because my friend was seeing how much he could snap, and it was about .75g (he did snap it all and it hurt my lungs to watch). But I also just pack average-sized snappers, so maybe .1g - .2g.
  13. "Miami Dade"...ey. Represent to the brotha's, n smokers alike. NMB over here:wave:
  14. My bowl can fit up to a gram but I usually pack about .4g
    I dont like how ashy the bowl gets when I pack it all the way
  15. Before I got caught I used to pack tiny bowls and get blowed... and I always wondered how I did it. I conserved ganj like a mofo. But now I gotta wait a few months to toke again :(
  16. ya same with me.. 0.00
  17. Who's from miami? :p
  18. what does snapping a bowl mean??

  19. Smoking the entire bowl in one hit so that the ashes snap through the hole and into the water. Only works on bongs.
  20. my bowls are anywhere from .3 to .6

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