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How much weed in all do you think you've lost?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by incrededibles, Jun 30, 2017.

  1. Even using a card to transfer from grinder to bowl will result in losing little specks of bud. This bud adds up. I wouldn't be surprised if I've lost 5g through my lifetime. This counts stolen/lost weed and ditch weed that you just throw out
  2. Oh god it would be impossible to know. Spilling ground weed, lost nugs in the car (I do end up finding some haha) losing a nug jug entirely, roaches.

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  3. I've never lost a whole nug. Sometimes I forget to take the weed out of roaches though
  4. I've neva wasted a speck ! How dare you !
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  5. Yeah right

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  6. Once lost 10 kilos...
    To the cops.
  7. None...the "Law of Conservation of Reefer" states that weed is neither lost nor destroyed but you get it back somehow some way...

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  8. I believest that thou arst referring to WEED KARMA homie...

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  9. Let's see... Got ripped of 2gs by some guy... I've dropped my weed more than once... Dropped joints... I've had friends use my stash if you want to count that(I knew, they weren't stealing), I've found random stepped on nugs on my floor twice... But I smoked them both:love-m3j:... I've lost a lot of weed due to sucking it through my big pipe/bong... I've cashed bowls early by accident... I've had to give weed away...scraping weed with a card...

    All in all after a bit under a year of use I'd say I've lost 3-4gs if you want to count my friend dipping into my stash and maybe 1-2gs if you don't.
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  10. how the fuck do you lose entire nugs.
  11. Bout 3 Oz plus, 2¾ oz from my mother and the last ¼ misc from dropping to losing
  12. Closer to 12gs from people stealing my stuff dropping 2 2g blunts well getting chased by the cops when I was 17 and then the rest is from dropped weed or weed I tossed.
  13. I have lost a pound in my lifetime
  14. The law of conservation of weed.

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