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How much weed has you stoned?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by themuffinman21, Oct 15, 2014.

  1. Just a survey question. Want to see all the different answers

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  2. As much as I got. :smoke:
  3. 0 weed :(

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    Oh I misread the question. Like 10 grams :)

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  4. stoned weed has me!
  5. 0.1grams and I am gone.
  6. well i smoked less than 1g yesterday and nothing all day up until now 9pm so only about .4 lol i love this bong. i will smoke a little more in a bit with some keif but no more than another .4
    i can't wait till check day
  8. I have a low tolerance so about half a bowl of reg will get me there for an hour or so. A couple small hits of dank will take care of me for much longer.
  9. 3-4 hits from a one hitter pretty much has me.  :smoking:
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    2 bowls of dank does the trick, so around a gram.
  11. today i did a little layer of weed, a layer of keif, another of weed, another of keif and cornered it ever so slightly. probably .3 or .4. lol it is mids too. i'm trying so hard to hang on to my little .6 of dank. it's such a beautiful little nug of happiness. so delicate. gone in a flash. or a flick. of my lighter.
  12. I've always had a low tolerance bit I've smoked up to a half in one day but usually I pack a bowl, holds over a jay and just toke on that through the day.

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  13. A bowl of dank = 🚀🚀🚀

    Stay tokin
    Stay smokin
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    I think it truly depends on what you use to get high. I have a really nice bong and it only takes .3g to get super high if you clear it. It would take me a prob a gram to get the same high from a blunt/joint and god knows how much for a regular pipe. Oh yea can't forget .3 in the volcano as well :D
  15. like 0.7 to get lifted
    1.5 to get stoned in
  16. A little less than a Q

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  17. 4 hits from my one hitter and I am blazed so I'm thinking like .2 or so

    🎶High above at the edge of the world, we are searching for glory and peace, when the time has come you will see our return to the Land of the Free!🎶
  18. Oh shit, my bad read the title wrong, takes about .3 to get high, .6 to get HIGH AF.

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  19. Just depends on the quality of the weed and how long it's been since I smoked last, not usually how much.
  20. I think what OP wants to ask, is how much weed does it take to get you stoned?
    Depends on the strength of the weed. If it's swhag, 1-2 grams. If it's high grade fire dank headies, then 3 hits.

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