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How much weed gets you high

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by buddyholly, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. So how much weed till your high.I personally get high from one little nugget of weedy goodness dose it take more the longer you smoke?
  2. If I'm by myself with a bong a little nug im good,
    otherwise about 2gs
  3. uuuuh by myself like a ten sack or so, with friends about 2.5 - 3 grams, we get an 8th minimum every time, so yeah, i need a T break haha
  4. I think like .5-.7 g alone out of my bong. or 1 small kief bowl
  5. Ha. Like a a quarter of a gram thru my bong will do the trick. Otherwise like a .75 gram J.

    Gotta love having a low weed tolerance despite smoking everyday. Unfortunately my highs don't last too long, like 45 min max....
  6. It usually takes at least two grams for me. Especially if it's a wake-n-bake.:hello:
  7. Been smoking every day for about a year and a half, and I can still pack a small bowl in my bong and be where I need to be. Im talking like 2-4 decent hits, and thats it.... Very conservative.
  8. if i toke alone probly a nick or even half a nick will get me high
  9. me 2 i pack 1 bowl a day sometimes 2 or rarely 3:hello:
  10. yeah i am getting into smoking daily.Random question is it good to stock up on a ounce and space it out for a while?

  11. If your hookup is unreliable.. and you plan on selling a little here and there.
  12. a gram and im good to go. quick question do you guys have to be in the mood to get high cause my 1 friend makes fun of me cause i have to be in the mood sometimes. wat you guys think(srry for moving in on your thread bro)
  13. Any ammount wil suffice really, its just a matter of how high I intend to get.

  14. And yeah, usually you develop a tolerance that affects the length/nature of a high. After the first few dozen times, you cease to get retardedly high, unless you really find some stellar shit and smoke a good amount of it.
  15. Like when im high it feels like the room is moving like im spinning in a chair and ,y vision is like when you tur a light on and off really quickly.also i get forgetful and its like my head is like going inward and all sounds collect and build up in the middle. is that what you mean by
    retardedly high?
  16. yeah, pretty much
  17. When I get in a habit of 3-4 times a day (happened when I got grounded earlier this summer) it takes about a gram everytime. Now when I smoke 3-4 times a week its about a bowl or two... unless I'm sharing, then its minimum 2 bowls.
  18. By myself it really depends on the bud, right now ive got some amazing shit and doesnt take much to get high,but i always end up smoking more than i intended to cuz i just love the feeling of coming UP, its just the best feeling.
    A few snaps or a decently(small) bowl will do the trick.
  19. 2-3 nice baked.
  20. it takes me a beautiful dank gram to get the job done
    it used to be a half gram so i've improved

    yeah same here i need to be in the mood, which is almost always, but sometimes saying not doing it is good, it gives me a break then i go at it the next time

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