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How much weed for pot brownies?

Discussion in 'Incredible, Edible Herb' started by SmokeyJay420, Apr 13, 2010.

  1. I've heard various things like..Mids brownies aren't are good as headies brownies. That you need a half ounce to ounce of funk ( which is 380 - 420 here --- a lot ) for brownies. My birthday is on 420 and we're throwing down big. Wanted to make a nice big batch of brownies..maybe two. any advice on how much we need or whatnot?! Toke on
  2. I think it's against the rules to give out dosage advice, but the better the ganj and more of it the more potent it will be. You can put as much weed as you can fit in the oil really, or butter or whatever you're doing.
  3. 1/4 of dank will make an extremely potent batch of brownies if done correctly

    and if your paying that for a half of dank you should look for another source

    i think your confusing a half oz and an oz
    a o should be 380-420

  4. Nah you're confusing it he said a half to an ounce, the later being 380 to 420

  5. 1/4 of funk for brownies for like 5 people? Thats legit as hell. i just figured it would have to be a lot more. that would only cost 100 bucks
  6. This .
  7. this thread wasnt too helpful =/
  8. he was saying that what dude said was correct
    and thread is the name of the entire group of posts
    so you should have said this 'post' wasnt too helpful

    but anyway, why dont you just buy a quarter of the dank, blaze on it
    and throw an ounce of mid-reg weed in a batch of brownies, if you were
    expecting on spending a couple hundred bucks anyway
    weed brownies are the shit but getting high for a party (especially a birthday 420) without some sort of smoking/vaping/whatever just seems weird

    the first hour or so would be hella boring
  9. no.. i meant thread because so far none of the thread really helped me. someone just saying "use a quarter" doesnt really solidify their statement as much as someone like you, perhaps, that says smoke a quarter then make brownies with mids...of course im going to be smoking though. i plan on drinking the night before so just having a chill ass blaze day. brownies were just gonna be a plus and i wanted them to turn out awesome. Just never thought that only a quarter of funk would do it..i guess an ounce of mids seems more logical than that
  10. oh i thought you mean that specific post.
    new people usually dont know what there talking about my fault

    but ive never personally made brownies, just ate them
    and from what ive read around here throwin dank in a
    brownie batter isnt worth it, if you throwin that much for some bud
    it will last alot longer and get you alot higher to pass around a bong
    for a couple hours instead of eating 2 brownies and just waiting

    but yea some cheap ass mids will do fine for the brownie portion
    of your 420 festivities

    as for me ill be on house arrest/probation. so get a little extra high for me.
  11. damnn sorry to hear that bro, i was locked up for last 420 birthday so i'll be sure to toke one for you. i think i will just get an onion of some mids and make a nice batch of brownies
  12. i make them with 1/2 oz mids and we've had some STRONG batches. i personally wouldnt use dank but i guess you could use a lot less of it.

    i know there's plenty of guides on here, but here's how we do it: get a brownie recipe with the most oil required you can find (3/4 cups is good). grind up the bud and put it in a pan with the oil on a stove. simmer it at the temp where little bubbles come to the top but it's NOT boiling. other people can explain this better than me, just make sure it's not too hot cause you'll burn out the thc. you want a slow simmer. we do this for an hour or two, then you can either strain the oil out with a cheesecloth or just use it with the bud in it (which isn't bad). cook the brownies as usual. oh and careful about eating more if you don't feel it right away, it's taken almost 2 hours to kick in for me before and you can easily get wayy too high from brownies (esp with smoking going on)

  13. Now I'm confused, because if I pay the equivalent of 400 U.S. dollars for an ounce, the ounce should come with it's own ounce, and cab fare home...... from the airport.:rolleyes:
  14. There are many factors you have to take into account. First off, clearly brownies made from mids are not going to be as potent as the same batch cooked with headies. It also depends on how big a batch you are making and how many "doses" or servings you will cut the brownies into.

    As a good rule of thumb I would use between 1/2 Gram - 1 gram of bud per individual serving. If you are a regular stoner you want to aim for about 1 gram of quality bud, but if you rarely smoke 1/2 gram of headies will do the trick. For example if you make a batch of brownies that cuts into 12 squares, then the ideal amount of marijuana you should use would be about 12 grams. More sensitive users can eat half a brownie if needed.

    I hope you are making cannabutter first! Raw weed cooked into the brownie mix by itself is inefficient and also pretty nasty! Hope this has helped you, any more questions send them this way.

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