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how much weed for five people?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by preewee, May 10, 2011.

  1. Its dank. 2 of the people are first timers and we're using a glass pipe.
  2. You should be fine with an eighth.
  3. Buy a 1/4 if you really want to smoke the place up. But an 1/8 should do fine.

    And prepare for the coughing of the newcomers, OP.
  4. Eighth if its dank.
  5. An eighth or so would be fine.
  6. get 1.75 grams
  7. get at least 2 grams one of those noobs may blow all your weed out the bowl or something dumb haha better safe than sorry.
  8. 2-3grams would do the job
  9. id personally go for more in my sesh but since you have newcomers I would see an eighth being sufficient!
  10. 2 grams if you hotbox
  11. A dub should work.
  12. A few zips should get the job done. Oh, if one of them is named ricky, you may want to pick up a qp..

  13. what are u referencing??
  14. roughly three pounds
  15. id say 20 kilos should do the job

    EDIT: who can think up the biggest amount of weed? like a billion pounds :smoke:
  16. i personally would say a quarter... but that's if you wanna stay high allll night:smoke:
  17. As much weed as it takes to get everyone wrecked?

    So probably an eighth, 3.5g bro.
  18. If all five are pitching in, why not go for a quarter and not have to worry about anything? Haha :smoke: As has been previously regurgitated, though, an 8th would be sufficient

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