How much weed does your vape save you?

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  1. I just ordered an Arizer Extreme Q and was wondering how much less weed I should expect to use. How much less weed does it take to get you high with your vape (name the model) compared to a pipe? Bong? Joint?
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  3. Well before I vaped, I used to do waterfalls. The amount of weed used would be 0.5-0.7 grams. But with my vapes I use a lot less weed. I mainly use my MFLB which is about 0.1-0.2 grams, only have portable vaporizers. But definitely save on weed. And using my MFLB it last about 5 sessions compared to the waterfalls which is only 1 session.
  4. A fuck ton. My regular Solo packs are .05ish because I can barely pack a full .1 into the bowl. I would usually take lots of snappers when I had a smoke sesh and it would end up running through half a gram to get me to the level my Solo bowls get me to. :smoking:
  5. I use the vapir NO2 and i use about 50% less than if i would smoke, maybe 70% less.
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    When I went from smoking to vaping with my very first vape, a VaporGenie, my consumption was cut in half.   When I went from my VaporGenie to my Purple Days, my consumption was cut in half..........again.   When I went from my Purple Days to Da Buddha, my consumption increased 3 fold.   Went back to my PD, and consumption dropped to what it was before I got the Buddha.   Now, with my LSV, my consumption has increased by about 30% over my PD.
  7. I go through about 10 grams per every two weeks with my Extremes Q. Before, i remember smoking an eight every 2-3 days. I think I'm saving lol [​IMG]
  8. I can't say how much my vape saves me, but for sure it saves!
    Besides, there is less health hazard when you vape vs smoke.
    So, there is no to-vape-or-not-to-vape question for me any more... Only this: to vape or to ingest.
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  9. it saves me about a half gallon per week.

    it is a very efficient and clean method of using mj
  10. I use G pen pro and whispr vaps! Usually an 1/8th last me 4 to 5 days
  11. I have a T-Vape 2, a MFLB, and a Vapir. The Vapir is the most efficient. I'd say I need about 1/10th the herb I would need to smoke in order to get high from it.
  12. I've found I use around 1/3 of the weed I used to in my MFLB compared to combusting. And I get high just as much, if not more.

    That's before you start talking about AVB

  13. Only vaping, I can go thru an 1/8 in a week or so.

    I prefer my bong though [​IMG]

  14. I prefer vaping through my bong.
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    Also, it's not that fun to smoke out of a vape. It's healthier and will save you some weed, but I find I always get the most high off some bong rips or an edible. [​IMG]

  16. I would almost pay you to go over to FC and make that statement.

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    @Semestered, i thought this too, but after 2 weeks vaping and no combusting the Highs got more and more intensive.

    After your Brain has checked what part oft sehr the High is from your weed and what comes from your tabacco you'll get some High's that are incredible

    And the taste......hmmm. Nice.

    Im vaping now for about three Months, got an Arizer Air and a EQ. And it's a New and better World of consumption.

    Give it a try for some weeks . In this time pls no combustion.

    With vaping in only need max. 1/3 of that amount i smoked.
  18. Smoking a mixture of joints and a pen vape I was using a quarter a week.

    About four days ago I picked up an Arizer Extreme Q and I doubt I've used a much more than a gram since then.

    Use way less tweed. This thing will have paid for itself within a few months.
    No coughing.
    Way less smell.
    Less mess – no need for wealth of papers and filters etc, no ash, roaches.s

    Initial outlay – $270 for this or $2 for a pack of papers
    Different high. Not less high – just different
  19. Enough to keep vaping. Not the only reason I vape but the amount of cannabis saved is icing on the cake.

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