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How much weed does this look like?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ktsayshi1, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. I'm new to smoking so I'm not sure if I'm getting ripped off or not but my dealer told me this was 2.5 grams of dank and i bought it for forty dollars, so does this look close to 2.5 grams? (the buds are pretty dense and smell amazing btw)
  2. I would say yes u got a pretty good deal. But lay it next to something like a lighter or quarter next time for an easy comparison. Enjoy
  3. Hmm... No doesn't look like 2.5 to me :eek:
  4. Looks like 2.5 to me.
  5. Depending how dense they are, it looks about right. He's definitely not pulling a fast one on you, but if he knows you don't know your weed it could be .2 or some off. No stressing, sit back and enjoy your smoke my friend.
  6. If that's an altoids can it's def not 2.5 looks like some kind though
  7. thats 2.0 not 2.5 And 40 bucks!! wtf lol, that same quality weed goes for 20 a g here
  8. You got jipped
  9. 12...Now you guess the measurement.:cool:
  10. Hate to break it to you but that doesn't even look like a gram
  11. i dont think thats 2.5 bruh.

    2.0 at the most.. and that mite be max.

    either way tho.. enjoy the smoke brother.
  12. not sure if oven tray or tobacco tin.
  13. If it is 2.5 then you got a good deal, but its hard to tell exactly how much you have because there is nothing to compare its size to like a lighter, quater etc.
  14. tell your dealer to trim a little better though and take a pic with a comparison but 40 for 2.5 is good so you should be tight with it. enjoy :smoke:
  15. Looks like 2.5
  16. buy a scale babe
  17. Looks like some dense nugs so safe to say it's probably 2.5
  18. Buy a blade scale, there like 25$ where im from and they work fine.

    funniest thing about this thread is his avatar picture is his sac, and i weigh a lot and i'd say thats probably about 1.2-1.6 but its hard to tell.
  19. you need something to compare it's size to. Then we would be able to tell better. Try feeling the nugs and see how dense they are.

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