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How much weed does this look like and is it dank/fire?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by SSH12, Feb 12, 2014.

  1. #1 SSH12, Feb 12, 2014
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    I would guess around 6 grams total? Strains left to right are strawberry cough, blueberry hybrid, northern lights, blue dream, sour diesel. What quality you guys think this is? Sorry for some pictures being out of focus, just wont focus sometimes.
    Strawberry cough
    Blueberry hybrid
    w/ flash
    Northern lights
    Blue dream
    Sour diesel

  2. I can't tell how dense they are, but I'd say 4-5g roughly.
  3. They're dense, but not super dense. 
  4. an eighth of good bud
  5. It would be easier to tell the size of them if you put a lighter or something next to them. I would say about 5g. Why don't you buy a scale?

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  6. Looks like 2gs-3GS to me, good nug though
  7. Very low mids- quality n looks all like the same strain lol

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    Hon, you can pick up a scale for less than $20- go get one and end all of your guessing! :cool:
    As for quality- smoke it! I have had ugly Mex brick weed that threw me for a loop. And I have had dank-looking pot that was so-so!  Looks don't really mean much! It is how it smokes that is important! :smoking:
  9. I think it looks good, trichs are visible. Better than the shit they sell in my area anyway, I'd buy it if I didn't have my own.
  10. If you consider that low mids I would like to see what you consider dank!
  11. 25/eighth quality here in SD

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