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How much weed does 1 seed of Royal Cheese usually yield?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Kevin Gibbs, Nov 8, 2014.

  1. I'm thinking about planting a Royal Cheese seed I bought out of a pack of 10. If i just have the one plant and i grow indoors in soil what can I expect to yield. 99 grams will keep me away from a mandatory jail term since weee is decriminalized in Ohio and i want to know what to expect since im a new grower.

    I'd also like to know what wattage of lightbulb is suffient. I have like 4 bulbs that are 60 watt equivelent CFLs is that enough?

    Please don't flame me, everyone has to start somewhere.
  2. Like three fitty
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  3. Depends on so many factors bro, the chief one being how much wattage you use in your light. You could yield less than an ounce or well over a pound, depending.
    It's like asking how much is a red car. You talking red Ferrari or a crappy Dodge Neon?
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  4. 100 marijuanas
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  5. A few additional questions. Would 4 60 watt CFL bulbs increase the output verses just 1 I'm only gonna grow one plant at a time since its just for my use. So i guess im asking as a baseline. is 1 60 watt CFL bulb enough? If not would 4 increase the output for that one plant and is 60 watts enough? I hear from google searches i should be using like flood light bulbs... Like 100+ wattages...
  6. Depends are they feminized and how many of them wont survive

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  7. Start with bagseed. Learn what you are doing then plant the good seeds
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  8. They are feminized & auto flowering..
  9. so if you access this site from a computer we have a entire section on growing i recommend starting here as for yield you probably wont get much your first time through it depends on skill the environment genetics and things we haven't even thought of if you want some pretty good video tutorials to help get off the ground check these out they are a bit dated but have good info and be sure to start a grow journal that's were people generally get the most help from other growers
  10. Cool. Thank you.

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