how much weed do you save with a vape ?

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  1. so how much do you save using a vape? like do you use half as much to get the same high?
    I think i'm going to get a da buddha desktop tape soon from a local headshop. Is there any smell?  Is this a good unit?  it's 200 +taxes here.

  2. taxes? what? that's rancid.

    definitely worth it though.
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    You save a lot more than half, IMO. 
    Of course depends on how efficient your vape is... I hear da buddha is good, but don't have personal experience with it.
    But you also get: better and smoother high, much more healthy, less/little smell, less munchies, no headaches from inhaling smoke.
    It took me about a month to switch over and I still enjoy an occasional joint... but there's no comparison. For home use with a unit like da buddha or extreme q, vapes are winning hands down. 
  4. I haven't really saved much TBH, just because with my MFLB it's so convenient that I use it all the time :hippie:
  5. hmm i was interested in the MFLB but it looks so ghetto lol. lots of good reviews but i'm skeptical how high it can get me, and it just look too much like something some high school kid made in wood working class lol.
  6. for portables the pax looks nice but I can't afford 300 bucks for a vape when i'm in university and in dept.
  7. A lot ! You save a lot of weed.
    Joints 5 - 10 % ( THC in your Blood )
    Bong 15 %
    Vaporiser 50 - 90 %
    I guess the vapour of a vap takes a liitle bit more time to reach your blood.
    If you inhale it just for 2 seconds, a lot of thc will be lost.
    If you don´t have a vaporiser, you can get it for free.
    Look at the thread "Vaporiser for free. With fire and pipe".
  8. I get what you mean, but honestly it's a really nice device. It doesn't feel flimsy nor cheap to me. It does look artisanal, but I guess I like it. And the high is just awesome. Is there any way you could try one? I think you'd like it.
    Regarding your main question : it saves me a whole lot of weed. I used to grind a small pile of weed and roll it into a very compact joint. It took me about half a joint to get high. Now I just vape a trench (probably like 1/5 of a similar pile) or two and I'm high.
  9. hmm no I can't try one. maybe I should go for it. i don't have much of a weed budget being a student. the magic flight launch box is $170 bucks here with taxes..... but still considerably cheaper than other devices.  
    it just looks so tiny and i'm wondering how it can hold any vapour to get you high. 
  10. I think i'm going to fork out 220 bucks and get the da buddha desk vape.....  i'm guessing a desk vape is going to be more efficient than a portable anyways.
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    In regards to the MFLB it is a good device for what it was made for: stealth. Honestly it was a huge pain in the ass to get high with it but it got me high. And the box doesn't hold much vapor, which is why you have to develop a micro sipping technique or draw super slowly.
    To this, there's two different ways to make a vape. Direct contact heating (conduction) or indirect contact heating (convection). Now before I get into talk about efficiency to confuse the fuck out of you, I'm going to mention that convection vapes are a lot better at pulling off most of the cannabinoids than conduction vapes (which is why I prefer a vape that uses convection). The Da Buddha is an example of a convection vape and the MFLB is an example of a conduction vape. Some vapes use a combination of both like the Arizer Solo for the battery's sake (it would cost a lot of energy to run a convection only portable)
    Efficiency in the vape community is usually defined as being able to effectively use all cannabinoids for their benefits (i.e. most of it being absorbed into your body). When you're blowing clouds of vapor (which is what is going to happen with your DBV) you're not being very efficient as say if you were taking small hits off of little weed like the MFLB. Not saying blowing clouds is bad, though, because I love to blow clouds (it reassures me that I'm getting lots of cannabinoids).
    All in all, I think the DBV won't disappoint you (unless you just can't figure out to use it! In that case shoot me a PM and I could tell you a few pointers on the DBV if you haven't looked up ways to start using it already) it is a very solid vape that's hard to break (can't say the same for the glass, but that's what you get for buying a vape with glass parts) and you will see a difference in taste from smoking. The taste, the high, and the amount of weed I save (I would smoke half a gram for one sesh versus .1g. I would like to say that the Da Buddha does not encourage small bowl packs, the bowl can fit .4 the way they tell you to pack it but you can put less in. I usually cover the screen and put just a bit more on there) has made me switch to vaping completely. I hope this info was eye opening! :wave:
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    hmm. thanks for the info. I found the magic flight launch box for 120 locally. and the pax for 300. I like the pax but I don't think I want to spend 300 bucks....
    so I think it's between magic flight launch box and a desktop and a desktop vape.
    oh and I just found the da budha locally for 160....... I think i'll go for the da buddha.....
    will the da buddha be odourless enough to smoke in my dorm without stinking up my dorm / clothes?
  13. Just felt like putting this in here after I've had some revelations (which are probably actually well-known) recently.
    My friends etc. typically put 0.2.5g - 0.3g in 1 joint. They smoke it and that's it. 
    I put 0.3g in my Volcano vaporizer. 
    Their joint lasts them however long they take to smoke it, they get the high, and it's bye-bye weed. All gone. But with my Volcano? I vap the 0.3g. I get just as high as my friends for just as long. Then when I next want to get high? I vap the same exact already-vap'd weed again.. and I get just as high surprisingly, only it lasts for around 1 hour less. L
    Last night I decided to vap the same piece for a third time and while the high wasn't as strong and only lasted for around 2 hours (0.3 usually does me 3-5 hours), it still gave me euphoria, relaxed muscles and better breathing (something important to me personally.) 
    So if you don't mind the best of the best hits every single time you wanna use some MJ, with the right equipment, I'd say it saves 2 to 3 times as much compared to a joint. 
  14. This is so wrong its unbelievable. Since when is THC absorbed in your blood stream? 
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    Funny how I was thinking about this just a couple weeks ago. I actually passively track my usage and my "usage-before" is almost exactly double my "usage since". But, to qualify that, I think I use more often now BECAUSE it's so user-friendly (if health and stealth are considerations as they are for me). Also, I would say a good desktop unit can be used moderately (whip or bag) with no viable smell, and if there is smell, it's distinctly different and less persistent. If you're still concerned, I would say to buy some carpet fresh powder and use it regularly. Then, when you DO decide to vape, any unwanted odors will be overrun by the "clean linen" smell always permeating your dorm room.
  16. I've actually increased my consumption.   I enjoy it more so I vape more.  It's OK with me, the trade off is worth it.
  17. With a vape you will definitely save a lot of weed lol. I have a scale that measures to .01 just so I can measure my trenches in the mflb. After vaping .05 I get decently high, about an 8 or 9 actually. After collecting about half a gram of vaped weed I'll roll a joint that still gets be almost as high as a normal jay lol if say definitely get a vape cause I've definitely saved money on the purchase
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    I'm not at all saying you're wrong, but I found some relevant interesting info on the mflb website. Not only do they really try to sell their box on efficiency, but I guess it utilizes IR heating to a degree. Of course the source may be somewhat bias. Anyway (Apologize for the formatting, I'm new to these forums):
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     Every drug you take is absorbed into your blood stream and then delivered to the brain where it passes the blood brain barrier. That's why IVing is so much more intense, it goes directly into your blood stream. THC travels from smoke->lungs->blood stream->brain.
    The formatting is great honestly. Nice job!
    I'm just saying in my experience that I found to be the best technique I could develop and I actually could produce decent clouds with it and everything, but it would get spots on the weed that kind of look burnt to a degree because it goes black. My thoughts on that is uneven heating, and it would only heat the spot closest to the screen and nowhere else so you have to shake everything around to maybe expose everything. (I had my weed to a close powder consistency as they want it to be)
    If I were to compare it with a convection vape or convection/conduction vape (my Solo for example) it looks a lot different but I can't tell the difference between the convection and the convection/conduction vape and I get much thicker hits and more of them. I say again, the box is good for what it was made for: stealth. There are many more vaporizers than the Box that perform many times better and it tastes better to throw in to make edibles too. :yay:

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