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How much weed do you put in your bong?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by preewee, Apr 4, 2011.

  1. If you had some mid-grade, how much would you put in a bong? I'm just trying to estimate how long my stash will last.
  2. I put about .3 for each hit.
  3. i just pack what im gonna smoke. it all depends on the weed/person.

    i dont KILL it every hit. i corner it and get a decent amount of smoke, but if the smoke turns yellow then its gonna be a harsh hit. so i never take too big of a hit but the bong is usally like half way or so milked

    18 incher lol
  4. enough to pack the bowl...?
    but if you're using mids, maybe pack two or three
  5. I like to pack nice one hitters, I feel the smoke can taste nasty on the third or fourth hit on the bowl. With that said... it depends on the person taking the hit.
  6. I pack myself .1 maybe sometimes .2 i always weigh out before i hit. I guess you could say i manipulate it because i know exactly how many hits i have and how many hits the spot.
  7. i judge by how the weed breaks up and smells and shit, then i only pack enough for myself to take the whole hit and burn it all, and only cough like once or twice maybe.
    several of those is goooodddd
  8. Enough to get me high :)
  9. anywhere from .4 to 1 gram
  10. i agree with this
  11. I'd say like .3?

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