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how much weed do you have to smoke to gain tolerence?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DankSmoker2181, May 4, 2011.

  1. if i smoke 1 joint evrey day during the week like .4 - .7 worth of weed will i gain any tolrence or will my tolerence just stay the same. i smoke at the night.
    do i have to smoke alot more to gain alot of tolerence?
  2. Everyone's tolerance developes at the EXACT same rate... So I predict .6737362 grams will start making you develope some tolerance.
  3. ^Don't be an asshole. It's a legit question.

    You'll likely gain some tolerance. How high your tolerance gets depends on how much/frequently you smoke and how fast your metabolism is.
  4. It'll take longer than a week to build a little bit of tolerance. Maybe if you smoked the dankest shit. about 2 or 3 gram joints a day MIGHT get you up there. Might. lol

  5. WTF does metabolism do with it? It's how used you are to the effects of the drug.
  6. Yeah it will definitely take longer than a week. I'm gonna make an estimate and say about 2 months of smoking everyday (dank) and you will have developed a pretty good tolerance. That's just a guess I have no idea really.

  7. Yes it may be a legitimate question. But I don't think there is any way to answer it... I know people that never get any tolerance from smoking all the time. And yet personally I immediately gain a pretty good tolerance which sucks... It just depends on you OP. You're gonna have to see how it effects you. You'll get a good feel for it. There's my nice not sarcastic answer.

  8. No it isn't. THC builds up in the brain and is stored in fat cells. The faster your metabolism, the faster your system clears out, the lower your tolerance.
  9. ^^/^ Agreed. Tolerance will vary greatly from person to person. My tolerance builds up slowly but steadily, for every hit I take some tolerance is acquired. Over a couple days of heavy smoking (4-6+ times a day) I develop a pretty good tolerance. Of course switching strains can do wonders for reducing your tolerance.
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    There are two major mechanisms for tolerance:
    Dispositional tolerance: occurs because of a decreased quantity of the substance reaching the site it affects.
    Reduced responsiveness: the response to the substance is decreased by cellular mechanisms


    Simply put, your body builds a resistance to the effects of a drug, more frequent exposure, more resistance. The THC in your system isn't affecting you any more.
  11. Cellular Mechanisms = Metabolism

  12. Or density in thc receptor sites
  13. I haven't taken biology or chemistry since high school, but it seems like that would be more under the dispositional tolerance.

    Do you mean density of receptors themselves or density of cannabinoids flooding those receptors?

    I'm confused.
  14. After one hit you have gained a tolerance.

  15. I tried googling this shit for a while and I actually couldn't prove anything anyone has really said. I really don't think the thc in fat cells contributes to tolerance though. If someone knows what they're talking about enlighten me with a link?

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