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How much weed do u smoke on average?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by pyr0ph0r1c, Dec 26, 2003.


How much weed do you smoke on average?

  1. a few crumbs

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  2. a small bowl

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  3. a loaded bowl

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  4. a few bowls

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  5. a friggen sh*tload

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  1. just curious as to the average intake for the smoking elitists
  2. I smoke an 1/8th a week, and the vast majority of that is taken up at weekends, usually I smoke joints but recently I've been smokin bowls.
  3. Well, if your talking about one session, I'd say a loaded bowl. if your talking about in general, I'd say a Friggin Shitload!!
  4. about a bowl of kb per session, maybe a little less than 1/8 a week. not enough if you ask me. i gotta go pick up a job application today so i can buy an ounce in a week :) :(
  5. about a 1/2 oz per week at the rate i'm smoking now....maybe it's just because i'm on holiday.......Peace out........Sid
  6. the rate i'm smoking away at now would be near a 1/2 oz a week, over the past 2 weeks 2.5 ounces have come and gone through me and my friends lungs so i don't really know how much a week personally

  7. It really depends. If I'm alone, I smoke a nice sized bowl, and then I sit back and enjoy. If I'm with friends... we smoke as much as we can. Provided we have enough, of course. :p
  8. I am mainly just a lone smoker, and I buy quality buds, so I really don't smoke a whole lot during the day.
  9. yes must agree with kb.

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