How much weed did you earn today?

Discussion in 'General' started by Aaagogo, May 11, 2011.

  1. how much were u paid for a day's worth of work in cash, take that and "spend it all on weed from your dealer" how much weed will you have?

    today's work is worth 1 oz of dank for me :hello:
  2. i got suspended from work for 3 days for forgetting to clock out again. so i made 0$. but got a free dime of some dank.

    i dont need to work from my weed :cool:
  3. eh pulled a 7 hour shit making 8 an hour..

    56 dollars,id say i can get a half of some good fifty and a few cigars.

    but i dont get payed daily,or smoke,therfore i dont have to worry about this problem, but i still got my good connects:cool:

  4. Damn dood what are you doing selling drugs?
  5. Cant discuss that :p.

    I don't work....On doctors note I got like .3-.2 in my grinder...Been savaging for awhile.
  6. 9 hr shift at 18.90/hr = 170$

    a good half oz, good sir.

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