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How much weed can i get for 50 $ im looking for reg

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by dailytoker567, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. I hear so much bs from my friends but there all stupid about money so I'm asking here thanks in advance
  2. Like a half ounce
  3. 5 or 6 grams depending on where you live
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    That's what I've been told frequently are you positive?
  5. Yeah I picked up a half o of some good mids for $60...

    $50 worth reg is like 12-18 grams depending on quality
  6. ~8th of dank, quarter of upper mids, half o regs.

    Also, location location location
  7. For 50 bucks.... I could only get you an eighth of some dankity dank on a plank... I actually need a mids and regs dealer but cant find one.
  8. depends on your towns definition of reg.,,
  9. Ive gottan an 8th of green crack for 40
  10. just call your dude and say "$45 for the half?"

    now you got $5 for munchies lol.
  11. 50 bucks would get me a half of regs. Anywhere from 50-70 is good for a half of regs in my area.
  12. fuck regs get dank
  13. stick with the danky green, you will be happier $50 an 8th inFLA.
  14. Stick to dank brah
  15. I would take an 8th of dank over a half oz of regs any day
  16. OP, you should b able to get around half an ounce of bud. (14 grams).
  17. I don't know the prices in Pennsylvania, but here, in Canada 50$ will get you 6-7 grams of reg or a half q of fire (kush's, sour d, haze etc..) or if you know the right people you could get the fire for the same price as reg.
  18. Of reggie? 1oz, but depending on where u live its 60$

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