How much water?????

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  1. For each stage of the growing how much water is usually needed per plant??

    Many Thanks
  2. Soil or hydro?
  3. It varies widely, and really depends on your environment, grow medium, and the size of your pots, or res/system.

    Every room is a little different, environment wise, and that directly effects how fast your plants can consume water and food in any given time period, it can vary especially if you're not doing anything fantastic for ventilation.

    Any info on what you plan to have for a set-up?
  4. I'm a noob, but I wait until the soil is dry, I test it by shoving my finger two inches into the soil, when it's dry, I pour enough water in until theres enough that it seeps out of the bottom of the container.

  5. for like a dollar on ebay you can get a water meter to check for wetness.
  6. I have a moisture meter. doesn't tell me how much water to give my plants.
  7. I do it exactly the same way you do (finger test) and it works.
    When i water, i also make sure i water deep, having some water come out of the bottom.
  8. I'm sure someone can answer, what should the meter read when it's properly watered? I water by the finger test, and the meter usually reads around 1.0-2.0 at that point. I water to what I feel is sufficient.
  9. When properly watered the meter should read 10 on a scale of 1 to 10..

    If you are growing in a bucket you should add water until water runs out the bottom.. roughtly 10% of the volume of the pot as runoff - example .. i have a 5 gal pot - if I get .5 gal runoff I have watered enough. Unless you are pot-bound - in which case your in trouble from a different angle.....

    Question is - when do you water next..

    I wait until it gets to 4 (on a scale of 10) and then water..
    Works out to be about every 3 days for me.
  10. Well I have a "Rapitest" water meter, a 10 dollar thing I got from my hydroponic store. When set in straight water the meter reads 6.0, and in the soil I JUST watered, it reads like 2.7. So I'm just gonna stick with the finger test. seems to be working.
  11. Thanks for the info guys i think im going to go for the finger in the water technique for the first grow, then hopefully use a auto watering system of some kind if i can. atm i have invested about £450 on everything and im prittey much ready to go :)

    Thanks for the help ill prob be uploading some pictures soon if anyones intrested

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