How much water?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by phaZed, Sep 27, 2007.

  1. I want to start growing a marijuana plant, i've gotten all the info on it? But i havent found any info on how much water do i mix with the hydroponic plant foods, and all those other mixtures i looked up . I know all the mixtures i put in there for vegetative phase and the flowering phase but how many times a week do i water it and how much ?
  2. You water the plants when you can stick your finger into the soil about an inch and have it come out dry (or very, very close to it). How often that is depends on the size of your pot, the water retention quality of your soil, and any additives you might have mixed with the soil (like perlite). I can't tell you the exact amount of water to add either, since that will also depend on the factors mentioned above. Water a bit at a time, evenly over the soil, and when a little water starts to drip out of the drainage holes in the pot you've watered enough.

    If you have a hydroponic setup (which I'd assume from the fact that you mentioned hydroponic plant foods, although you also talk about watering plants, which would only really apply during a soil grow), you'll need to keep the water at a fairly constant level in the bucket, refilling when it loses about a third of its volume (I think, if someone could confirm I'd feel more comfortable).

    The amount of water you mix with a grow solution depends on the solution, and the package will tell you how much of each to mix. A tip I've read says that you should mix your nutrients at a tenth of the strength recommended on the box, but I've also heard of people having very successful grows with full strength solutions.

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