How much water?

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    Hi I got this double honeycomb perc bong not too long ago and wondering how much water I should be putting in it.

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  2. You're going to have to play around with it. You don't need to be smoking while you do it. You want as much water as you can get into it without it splashing your lips when you inhale, or flooding into the bowl somehow.
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  3. On stemless bongs like yours, the correct water level is almost 90% of the time marked where the top connector is. Yours is just above the second perc. It may just be coincidence but it seems that almost all bongs designed without a downstem have their ideal water level where the slide joint connects to the main tube.

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  4. I found my double honeycomb pulled the best with the water level just at or under the second honeycomb, anymore than that it got chuggy.

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  5. I have always gone off of the chug. I consider myself a connesiur of glass I mean I have nearly 20 pieces of different kinds so I always fill right to the point of splashback now remember after a couple of bowls it gets that extra bubblyness

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