how much water / nutrients when transplanting?

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  1. I heard just a little watering when transplanting
    I heard no nutrients for a few days
    I heard some lite nutrients the first day
    I heard water after transplant
    I heard water after transplanting
    Please help - I need some advice (not sarcasm or aggression)
  2. How old is the plant that you are transplanting?
  3. 10 days - 3 sets of leaves - approx. 4" tall
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    Transplant right before they're due to be watered. Once they're in new pots, water thoroughly - no nutes.

    edit - just re-read. If you started with good plain soil (no added nutes), you shouldn't need to fert your plants until 'bout 30 days.
  5. I don't change my feeding schedule based on transplanting. Done right, transplanting is very little stress to the plants.

    You want the soil in your current pot to be slightly moist, not freshly watered or it will stick to the sides of the pot and not ready for watering or it could be too dry and not hold together. Just moist enough that you can get all the soil to slide out easily in one lump.

  6. I'm really sorry but i disagree with leaving the plant without nutrient for 30 days.
    I find around 2 weeks, start the plants on a 1/4 strength nutrient solution, and gradually work your way up to full strength. Plus, i usually don't need to pH adjust my nutrient solution as the nutrient i use has a pH buffer, but, even though i have a pH buffer in my nutrients i will need to lower the pH level because i am using only 1/4 strength, at 1/4 strength the buffer isnt strong enough to lower my solution to pH6.5. Just a thought.
  7. There's no need to disagree. I use "good plain soil (no added nutes)", I don't "fert (my) plants until 'bout 30 days", and it works. My plants are always healthy, vibrant, lush, and right on schedule.
    It's good you've mentioned the nute ramp-up technique because I certainly won't disagree that it too seems to work well for many. But judging by the number of failed and failing noob crops continually posted throughout GC, I always find it best to give the simplest advice, especially in the 'Absolute Beginners' section.

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