How much water need for dilute liquid Humic acid 12%

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  1. How much water need for dilute liquid Humic acid 12% for my plants in soil and how much offer to give them the solution in flowering stage
  2. what product are you using? is there a label?
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  3. Liquid 12% himic acid from"Humic Growth solutions"...they say 10l for hectare but dont write how much water to dilute to calculate ??
  4. on the website you linked it says:

    "SPRAY INSTRUCTIONS: This product is designed to be applied by foliar spray. We recommend a minimum dilution ratio of 1 gallon of this product to 25 gallon of water prior to application.

    i dont know, personally that sounds like a lot. the fulvic acid i use calls for 1 tablespoon per gallon. too much can be a problem so i would tread carefully. perhaps an email to the manufacturer or seller and ask them to be sure.
  5. they say 10 l of undiluted 12% liquid hum.acid need for 1 hectare but don,t say with how much water need for irrigation( fertirrigation,"drop by drop")...ok,tnx Scoobydobie,i will search on net ,answer its there,and sorry for my bad English,im from Macedonia Europe :)
  6. The dilution rate is the same for soil application ("irrigation").

    As Scooby' has suggested, I would not use ANY humic/fulvic acid on a regular basis for potted plants. The results will not be to your liking...

    What are you using it for? What do you hope to accomplish? Foliar feeding and soil feeding are two completely different things, especially when considering the "catalyst" affect that these products have on making nutrients more available to plants.
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  7. So,i want to give less nuts to plants,and i want to apply some microorganism in soil,and i planning to grow full organic next im in 5 week in flow indoor and its too late to add for this grow....Tnx for your answer bro
  8. check out this thread, it has a great soil recipe many of us use.
    No-Till Gardening: Revisited

    also you can look in my signature there is a link to my notes compilation with lots of useful information.

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