how much water in the bubble bucket

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  1. if i put a small plant in the bucket do i put the water level an inch or two above the bottom of the pot? to insure the water is getting to the roots.
  2. You want it so the pebbles in the net pot are getting lightly misted by the air bubbles breaking the surface.. about 1 inch below the net pot, but you can let it get as far down as 2 inches between feeding.
  3. The roots end up growing in the water anyways so it doesn't really make a difference if the pot is in a little bit of water.
  4. In my experience, once the plant starts getting a big root mass, I tend to drop the water level down an inch or two. The majority of the root tips are still in the water, but it lets the largest part of the root mass under the netpot dry out a little. This will help prevent root rot.
  5. If you keep oxygen to your plants and light out root rot should not be an issue anyway..
  6. I try to keep mine an inch or two from the bottom of the pots. I found at the beginning if I had the water too high it would slow growth down. I let my nutes drop down 4-6 inches in my buckets before I top them off which has only been taking a day or two max.
  7. Hi,

    I just set up my DWC and was wondering if the hydroton is suppposed to be moist right to the top pebbles? Right now they are dry till about half way down the net basket. The plant is still small so the light is hitting the pebbles and maybe drying them out?

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