How much water do you put in your bong?

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  1. I'm getting a bong very soon and would like to know how much water you put In your bong so I can have an estimate of how much to put in mine and if the amount of water effects the high
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  2. aproximately 6.7 gallons of water.
  3. Put as much as you want in. Just make sure it's above the hole(s) on the downstem and then it's up to you. More water will have more drag but some say it filters it more. Just experiment and have fun.
  4. A general guideline is enough to cover a good bit of the stem nicely. Not too much that it sparks up from a big hit.
    But bongs differ widely. Just use common sense.
  5. I personally don't like to have too much water in my bong. The more water in it, the faster I burn through a bowl. When the down-stem is just barely in the water it takes me a few hits to smoke a bowl. If it's submerged an inch or more I finish the whole bowl in one or two hits. So for conservation purposes I like less water in my bong. Plus it gives a stronger hit and I don't like accidentally sucking water into my mouth accidentally when it's too full. Just put in enough water so it bubbles when you suck on it, but doesn't go glug glug glug. That's too much.
  6. it doesnt really matter with a stemline, just nothing over excessive
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    G thanks for the help
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    barely above the slits. So thats like less than 1/4 cup if i had to guess. only thing i dislike about stemlines is if u put excessive water in em they have back pressure and sometimes bowl weed out.
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    Hey for him that may be a good amount. Maybe he has a huge bong.
  10. right above the downstem slits

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