How much $ to start off low budget

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  1. Ok how much will it cost to grow some good stuff but the least expensive and what would I need thanks!
  2. Anyone?
  3. Depends on how much you want to grow, type of lighting, how much space you have, there's just so many things to consider. I, personally, have spent no money at all, like for the grow i just started, but then i have also paid $100+. You just gotta do some research and decide exactly how you want to do your grow before money is an issue.
  4. theres a book called Marijuana Buds for Less: Grow 8 oz. of Bud for Less Than $100. I found this book online with a little bit of searching
  5. Cheapest grow op i can think of -

    2 x Rubbermaids/50L Black storage containers.

    Stack them on top of each other, then cut out the bottom of the topmost storage container, cut out the lid of the bottom storage container and glue/fasten the pile together, if done right, when opening the lid on the topmost storage container you should be able to see the bottom of the bottom storage container.. - $30

    4 - 8 x 25 watt CFLs
    2 - 4 x Y connector light sockets
    4 x extension chord

    2 x length of pvc pipe
    2 x length of pvc pipe
    4 corner connecters

    Wire each one of the Y connectors by snipping off the Female end off the extension chord then put + to + and - to - from the extension chord to the light socket.. Drill a 2 holes in each side of the pvc pipe evenly spaced, then assemble the frame and fasten the lights to the frame. - $40 - $80

    - 3 x 80mm pc fans
    - Y connecter pvc pipe - 80mm
    - corner joint of pvc pipe - 80mm
    - carbon filter - ( tube, activated carbon, mesh )

    Use 2 of the fans as exhaust fans, attach each one of the two exhaust fans to the Y pvc pipe.. connect carbon filter to end of Y pipe.
    Use last fan as an air intake, attack the corner pvc pipe to the fan to block light.. - $50

    So just over $100 to make a working grow cab..

  6. if you want to grow the good stuff it will cost you a pretty penny, at least a few hundred. price range goes up for the ammount you want to grow.

    you will need a grow area (box, cab, closet, etc.) the bigger the area the more light you will need. also you will have to pick up pots and soil or build a hydro system, nutes, timers, and thermostats. All that stuff really adds up, you can easily spend 1 - 2 hundred just on supplies. also you would need time, it will take at least 3 months to get some good stuff to smoke.
  7. Really hard to answer this because the grow space itself might need to be built, or you might have a spot already built out that will work, you might need to cut holes in walls and such for ventilation or not, and so on. Also depends on the size of your intended grow, if you are setting up for a permanent situation or a one-time deal, etc.

    FWIW, here's a fairly comprehensive shopping list: link
  8. love to be able to answer with this but i believe just inb equipment im up to 8k, but im pretty sure you can set up a small one for much less ...maybe round 50-200 bucks, plus the seeds...
  9. i would say roughly 60-100 bucks to start a low budget one like mine... and pretty much everything except for light bulbs and soil medium was dirt cheap... so its all how much you wanna grow and how much you actually want to spend
  10. Eh, all these guys with their "few hundred dollar" estimates are nuts! I used to think the same though so I understand where theyre coming from.

    But anyway. I just finished a grow that may have run me..oh, 50-60 bucks TOPS. It all started as a funny whim and ended me up with some decent buds!

    I used an old seed I had laying around from a pack of Nirvana I bought 5-6 years ago. I had already sold all my growing equipment so I had virtually nothing.

    I tossed that old seed into a paper towel to germ. Vegged it in a plastic coffee container with 6 cfls, then transplanted into a 1 gallon flower pot at @ 10". I kept her under my end table by my bed until flowering. I used an aluminium baking pan as a reflector nailed to the bottom of my end table! I turned the lights off when I went to sleep pretty much.

    I started flowering her at 12" and with 3 - 42 watt cfls. I stuck her in a storage closet with no ventilation except for the cracks in the door and an ocsilating fan. The temps would stay at @ 83 and humidity @45% ish with the lights on.

    She flowered until we got back from christmas vacation and when my wife walked into the house and had a fit about the smell. I would have liked to flower her another week but my warden...I mean WIFE was finished! So I cut her down.

    Yeah, so optimally you want all the high speed grow supplies, but lets keep in mind that its a weed and is not too difficult to grow. Depending on your security/living situation it can be done as simply as I did mine.

    Please dont talk shit about my picture taking abilities!! I suck bad at it.

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