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How much to smoke a day

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by palombo, Oct 13, 2014.

  1. I smoke a lot more than a should, probably a half gram of oil and around a quarter of weed a day, and it's getting rough on me money wise. Im all out of the $2500 i saved for college. how much oil/bud should i smoke per day? 

  2. Quit smoking weed and smoke the .5 of oil a day.
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    You spent your $2,500 you had saved for college I don't think you need to worry about smoking, you should worry about quitting.
    That's just my $0.02 I personally suggest you to stop it sounds like you have more of a problem.
    But since you're going to ignore my post and assume it's 'reefer madness' lingo I'm just going to tell you to start smoking about 1-2g a day but you seriously need to take a t-break because if your smoking .5g of oil and a quarter a day already then 1-2g alone is not going to get you high. 
    I assume when you smoke you get stoned for maybe 10-15 mins and high for maybe 30 mins - 1 hour? You *need* a t break if you want to start smoking less. You will save money and get higher. 
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  4. i already do that. but im starting to not like it because it fucks my tolerance. pretty much im asking, is it affordable to stay high all day like im doing lol?
  5. Only if you grow, I've been smoking that much a day for years but I spend almost nothing on weed.
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    No your tolerance will build to it
  7. nah it wasnt money to pay for loans or anything. it was my graduation money that i specifically saved for spending money in college. i just blew through it a lot faster than planned. i feel you. do you pick up a dub everyday? and yeah, i honestly dont get high anymore.
  8. ooooooooo DAMN I thought you meant you scraped together $2500 from working throughout highschool to spent on college classes/books. I was about to say you done fucked up.
    Yea, I have $50 left of college spending money, I'm looking for a job I suggest you to do the same. Meanwhile you should not toke until you find a job to get a t-break in 
    I thought going through 4g of dank in a weekend was sort of bad. Well, I guess it is if your spending $50 on it is. 
  9. damn. im in a dorm this year. but that would definitely be possible if i get an apartment/ house next year. im so jealous bro haha. i spend easily 60-70+ a day. im debating serving errl up here at college.
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    If you have any friends that smoke try to get them to smoke you out every now and then, that'll save you some money, or you can grow yourself. Staying high all day is expensive if you're buying and smoking all the weed, and it's not good on most people's mental health, so unless you're rich I suggest you try to cut down or try the aforementioned.
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  11. never thought of it that way. how much should i cut down
  12. yeah. the thought of a job makes me cringe. its working all week to get paid maybe $150 a week. at this rate, im smoking $150 worth of weed in like 2-3 days. it sucks lol. i have an immanent tolerance break in my future.
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    Like stop completely until you find a job. Your tolerance is already high right? Like do you even get high anymore? I know it used to take me like .05 (half my bowl) of some dank to get me stoned for 3 hours now it takes .5-.6 (like 4-5 bowls) and i'll be stoned for 1 hour.(my bowl is really small it holds .12 lol) 
    The reason I say quit until you find a job is so you have a reason to quit:
    1) Quitting to save money so when you finally get that job you can buy much more
    2) Less tolerance = more high
    3) Actual motivation to get a job. If I had $1000 sitting around then I would have waited till I have $50 left to find a job. 
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  14. Dude that must be some shwaggy ass weed you are smokin.
    You blew your college tuition on weed and now you want to keep smoking more?
    Do us all a favor. Don't get into politics.
    Just find a warehouse somewhere and unload trucks. That way, you can get high all day without an education.
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    i agree on the mental health part. theres no denying im 100% addicted to oil & weed. im high all day and on days where im not smoking all day, im cranky as fuck and i snap on my friends. my friends and i smoke 24/7 here lol
  16. Separate your weed into different piles or different bags for each day, and tell yourself that you're only going to smoke that much for that day, it's all psychological really, I trick my brain into thinking I have less weed then I really do and it helps me conserve.
  17. if i face a blunt, ill be barely high. itll take me like 3 FAT dabs to get stoned and thatll last for about an hour. everyday i probably take around 10 dabs and smoke 2 blunts
  18. You are even in a dorm lol how do you smoke that much (2 blunts aren't bad IDK about dabs never done them) 
  19. dabbing doesnt really smell. if i put a towel under the door theres absolutely no way anyone can smell me dabbing & i roll in my rom and just smoke somewhere outside. and yeah 10 dabs probably equals like 5-7 blunts honestly.
  20. How is 10 dabs a half gram a day?

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