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How much to get 3 people high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Ragekai, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. How much would it take?
  2. How often do each of you smoke?
  3. Shouldnt take to much if your pretty new to smoking. A dub will do more then enough.

  4. I haven't smoked at all...i two or 3 times in 3 years. but them..they smoke atleast on a weekly basis..
  5. depends on alot of things..
    how often you smoke..
    the last time you've smoked..
    the method you use..
    the quality of the bud.

    but as a general rule I guess a gram should be alright for 3 people if you aren't regular smokers and you do bonghits or someshit

  6. Hm..they were talking about getting just a nickle...:(
  7. Haha well if they smoke frequently let them decide. Odds are about 30s worth. Should be fun. Have a great time dude.
  8. how much is a nickle? i'm from NZ so I ain't got a clue. and how much buds is in a nickle lol? well if they know what they're doing..

  9. 1/2 gram I believe.
  10. Oh. well. eh. I dunno. If you do a couple of gravity bong hits each you'll be baked?
  11. Pack a bowl or two between the 3 of you and you will be high for sure(depending on quality). It's just a question of how high you're all looking to get really.
  12. a nice blunt with get you guys high, im guessing since your asking you dont smoke much.
  13. We dont really gotta get too high atleast. I just wanna lil kick start...I'ma buy an 1/8th oz. soon.. They just offered to smoke me up a bit; which I totally appreciate. I don't have any money right now though; so I can't chip in for more..

  14. I don't..but they do.

    I don't wanna be the only one high. heh
  15. 2-3 bowls should be enough for a good high, but it really depends how blazed you wanna get
  16. #16 Hilikus, Feb 19, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 19, 2009
    I vote 1.5g if it's good shit, I smoke pretty often and 0.5g of diesel still gets me ripped lol so your friends will be taken care of and you'll be quite ripped yourself.

    EDIT: 1.5g usually yields about 3 bowls, if that helps any.

  17. I duno if it's gonna be bomb weed or not yet though. IF I had to guess...I'd say itll probably be from .5g-.7g of mids.
  18. i say 1 gram of decent bud will get you all pretty high(depending on smoking experience)

  19. lol.. a nickel, cmon man thats half of 1 gram. that wudnt even get me high. id say at least a dub sack to get 3 ppl high:rolleyes:
  20. cmon man. dont you peple have 10 dollars to buy at least 2 gs.

    .5-.7 isnt even enough for one i wud say. get some more money and buy at least a dub of mids. that shud be enough for you ppl

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