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How much to eat...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Illad3lph, May 29, 2009.

  1. #1 Illad3lph, May 29, 2009
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    On a firecracker to get high. My tolerance is extremely low. Would 1 gram of mids on a firecracker get me really high? I'm making them in the oven. I can't smoke any as this is all for a class trip to six flags.
  2. yup. use half. smoke the other.
  3. Id go ahead and use the whole gram. A half will probably work, but 1 gram will will be nice.

    Actually, scratch that, id put like .7 or .8 on it, and have the other .3-.2 to smoke as a back up or well, just to smoke :p
  4. Can't smoke any. It's all for a class trip to six flags.
  5. Make 2 then.
  6. It takes like .4 to get me stoned with mids smoking it. Won't two grams of edibles fuck me up a little too badly? Lol I've never eaten any edibles before.
  7. No make 2 .5 firecrackers and if the first isn't enough eat the second.
  8. Ok thanks. anyone else?
  9. Well, if you have a lot of bud I suggest making 2 fire crackers that are 1 gram a piece. If the first isn't strong enough then throw down the second, you will be good for the entire sixflags trip. If it is sixflags over Atl then ride superman and tell me in a pm what you thought of it, you will have a great time.
  10. Going to six flags new england but they're pretty much the same. And i'm going on the new ride bizarro or whatever first, it's the same thing as superman just a tad different.
  11. Firecrackers took a long time to work on me, I would do like one 1g and one .5g, eat the big one far in advance then if your not super high when you get there eat the other. You'd definitely be high. And fuck it, it's six flags, get retarded. So long as your teachers can't tell, you 18 year old you ;).
  12. thats bad ass six flags high as fuck is bad ass dude. When my class went like sophmore year me and my stoner buddys all smoked a couple j's before school that day. and it was pretty bad ass.

  13. Dude awesome, keep it real, keep your shit straight and you will have a blast.
  14. dude we go to the same six flags xD the bizarro isnt that great tho =/
  15. last time i ate a firecracker, i used a little more than a gram of mids, and i had very low tolerance. withing 30 minutes i felt the effects coming on cause of a near empty stomach, then got higher and higher and peaked at like 2 hours, and was high for about 5 more hours. it's sometimes too much, cause it can make you physically lazy (at least it always does for me when i eat it) much more so than when you smoke it. start with like .75g, and have a good time :).

  16. i went on a class trip for physics my senior year i happened to be 18 at the time. it is possible to be in high school going on a field trip and still be 18.

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