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How much to dose (edibles) driving? the Hobbit?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Roflspammer, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. I smoked a 40 bag 2 weeks ago, and before that I was sober for 3 weeks. My tolerance is 0% as a result. What amount of mids would you recommend in an edible to get ripped, but not too high. I want to be able to drive safely.

    We are going to see the hobbit. How good is it high? Is 3d worth the xtra cash?

    Good vibes

    btw my mycelium is doing well if anyone is curious :D
  2. Depends what edible you are going to get... Firecrackers? Brownie?

    Whether you can drive, that depends if you can handle a regular high and drive....

    The Hobbit should be a good movie, and its up to you for 3d... 3d is a waste imo since it barely is in 3d...
  3. I actually went go see it the other day on a couple brownies because my apt complex is right next door to it, and i still just found it to be decent. Nowhere near as good as Lord of the Rings i thought, unfortunately:/ Seeing those in the theater were incredible.

    I can't really comment on the 3d though as i saw the 2d version.
    I CAN say though that Django Unchained was awesome to see on edibles!

    I ate two brownies, each which contained about .8 or so of mids, so around 1.5, and i thought it was the perfect amount for going to the movies. I did not have to drive though. Id suggest driving before they kick in.
  4. The hobbit is still out? I saw it a week ago and there was one showing of it left back then. Anyway, if u can then yes see it in 3d. I saw it in both 2d and 3d. 3d is great quality. And please dont drive high. I know some people can do it, but it honestly does hinder you. Dont be responsible for injuring someone
  5. The theater is a 5 min drive away in nomads land. I mean if I'm high enough to smash in to nothing I guess you have a point. I'm thinking a half of mids in brownies split between 5 people

    Why is the hobbit just decent? It looks mad good

  6. Idk, there's a lot of unnecessary stuff in it, and its an even slower pace than Lord of the Rings is. Normally im fine with that, i love dialogue in moves, and when things are taken slow, but only if the dialogue is actually interesting. Personally, I think they had no reason to split the book into a whole trilogy. Which made it seem like a lot of the scenes were just filling time.. Overall it was still a good movie though to me, just not as good as i expected :rolleyes:
  7. #7 Roflspammer, Jan 10, 2013
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    Did you see it high though?

    EDIT: Wow I can't read...

    Anyone else have opinions?
  8. Haha yea, was pretty high for it on brownies that I made :) I didnt find it bad at all, and you should definetely go see it cause its the type of movie that is to be experienced in the theater, I just thought it could have been done a lot better imo.
  9. We are gonna hit it up in 3d. It might be overwhelming but if it is I'll just go back to the car and pack a bowl
  10. I run a movie review thing for my school. This is what i gave the recent films

    Django Unchained - 9.3
    Argo - 9.1
    Lincoln. 8.8
    Skyfall - 8.7
    The Hobbit - 7.9
    Jack Reacher - 6.9
    Texas Chainsaw - 4.1
    Les Mis - 7.1
    Flight - 7.3
    The Master - 7.5
    Paranormal Activity 4 - 1.0
    The Man With the Iron Fists - 7.0
  11. Thats strange, thats like almost the exact same order i would have put them in as well :D
    Cept i have not seen Texas Chainsaw yet, not sure that i want to though lol.
  12. It's an amazing movie, I wouldn't pay for the 3d though. I wish I was high when I saw it.
  13. Not sure for you, I can drive after smoking no matter how much (well almost..) so I would load up 2-3gs in a firecracker and be HIGH for a long time.
  14. How many grams of mids for brownies? How much is a good dose with Said brownie?
  15. If you don't use edibles very often, it shouldn't take very much at all. I made a batch of brownies with a half o of mids, and ate two brwonies that in all had about 1.5, and i was really high for about 6-7 hours.
    Alll depends on your tolerance really.
  16. What would you rather do:

    Hobbit in 3d for $14.50
    Or buffet for $12

    And how long is the edible high
  17. Edibles vary greatly in potency. For example, 2g's in an edible could get you as high as .5g or it could get you as high as 2g's. Depends on if the cook knows what there doing, cooking time, etc. With no tolerance and using mids, .5-1g will work. But you shouldn't really be driving under the acute effects of cannabis. It might slow down reaction a bit and if you got pulled over, you'd probably have an anxiety attack or act sketchy. Cops are scary even while your not high :eek:
  18. well hobbit for edibles and buffet for smoking and 3d is well worth it imo
  19. Hobbit was great in 3d baked.

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