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how much that worth?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by zeig, May 16, 2011.

  1. #1 zeig, May 16, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: May 16, 2011
    I've been a smoker for a few years, but most teh time i smoke with my friends and they always buy the stuff and i drop some cash every now and then so that we stay even. SO i'm wondering how much stuffs really worth?

    1/8th= $20

    and how much is the good stuff worth?
    if noones made a chart i think itd be a good idea.

    P.S. live in North east usa
  2. Prices are different everywhere..
  3. ^^ Where do you live?
  4. north east US (ya sorry totally forgot prices change due to location_

  5. U must be retarded where do oyu live means which fucking state and city. There are millions of people in your state the police arnt going to fucking hunt u down.:wave:
  6. lmfao ^ if u live in NY an 1/8 of sum piff runs about 60$
  7. columbus ohio, lol cool your tits pimp
  8. :cool:

  9. im chill dog chill lol

    but i dont live in ohio but i think ive heard the bud up there is pretty fire
    id guess 60 an eighth plus or minus 5 is where ur looking at.
  10. I'm out in the boonies in Wyoming and only schwag or demi-schwag comes in $20 8ths. Mids 8ths out here are like $35 or $40, Dank is $60.

    Did you search for this at all? I have a feeling this topic has been discussed to death.

  11. im sorry didnt know a typo made u retarded :p
  12. Its just kinda funny that your calling a person a retard, and a few words later you spell "you" wrong.

  13. a typo isnt the same thing as now knowing something.............
  14. lol what
  15. ANYWAYS, i guess my real question is how much should a half of mids be here? i talked to a pretty seasoned stoner who said it should be 45-50 here in Cbus.
  16. I get ozs of dank for 200.00. Love the west coast!!
  17. i have searched around locally and the best half i could find was 65... thats just cuz it wasnt brick apparently but still.. i always get 8th of mids for 20, and a Q for ab 35-40...
    so anyone? how much should a half of mids be round these parts?

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