how much taller during flowering?

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    pretty much all the research i've done online says that once you change your plant over to flowering it will grow anywhere from double to triple the original size.

    that is, if you veg a plant to 1' and then start flowering it, it will grow to a height anywhere between 2' to 3'. am i correct in believing this is the norm?

    i have height restrictions, so i grew my first plant to only about 8" and started flowering it (i didn't lst it or scrog it at all since it is my first attempt).

    currently, after almost 4 weeks of flowering my plant is at 32" (four times the original size!) and it still seems to be growing taller! i'm started to get worried that i'm going to run out of space. will it eventually slow down and stop?

    EDIT: i'm mistaken. it's only been 3 weeks of flowering.

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  2. you could always lst it a little . or even the pinch/roll technique. with thumb and pointer finger roll the stem in your fingers a little while giving pressure untill it gives (dont break the stem). this will stunt the upward growth and let the other lower branches catch up.
  3. thanks. i may try that pinch/roll technique.

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