How much stress will this cause my plants?

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  1. Since I have relatives coming over to my apartment I need to hide my plants. My plants are both +1 month in veg, so they're pretty big. They will be without light for maximum of 48 hours. How much stress will this cause them? Is this a huge problem or will they get over it when I switch back to 24 hours light?
  2. I would try and give them some light even 2-3 cfl's

    there was a guy who rented a U-Hual and ran some flash lights

    that worked well

    as for running 24h ...thats another story

    good luck
  3. Thanks, unfortunate enough I won't be able to give them light since my storehouse does not have electricity
  4. I brought them to my storehouse an hour ago, they should be back in my apartment with proper lights around 17:00 tomorrow, so I think it's no biggie :)
  5. Theyll be fine brother.. as long as their not in flower and ur not interipting their night hrs theyll pull thru.. especially in veg.. imo their their strongest most resilient in veg..

    Flower tent Vegging outside the flower tent
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  6. Do you think I should send them into flower soon? Or should I keep them in veg for a bit longer? How much estimated yield would I get if I start flowering now? Tent is 80 x 80 cm :smoking-bong:

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  7. Depends on your head room and what ur space allows.. i usually veg for 30days or less i try, then i throw em’ into flower..

    Only you can judge if theyll fit after the stretch and they start to flower..

    Flower tent Vegging outside the flower tent

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