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How much space will a 1000 watt HPS cover?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by immapwner, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. Sorry if this is a stupid question. I've never used hps bulbs before, I've been using CFL's and T5's. But now i'm upgrading.

    I have a 6'x6' closet, and I was wondering if I could put a 1000 watt in the middle and it work for the entire room? I'm looking at this light with the euro reflector instead of the max wing (for air cooling):
    High Tech Garden Supply

    I'm just unsure of a light source that's only 19"x11" being able to light up a 6'x6' to 10'x10' area like the ad suggests.
    I would really like some input from people with experience on this.

    Also I was planning on using the dyer hook up in my apartment for exhaust, do I still need to get a carbon filter, or will people be unable to smell it?

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    dude i'm going to be straight wqith ya...a 600 watt is better..way more efficient by far(power vs lumen output...)
    a 1000 watt will do an 8x8 room..but create a ton of heat and about 145-150,000 lumen's...
    a 600 watt is 400watt's less on your power bill and gives you 95,000 lumen's....that's a major increase in efficientcy...
    i order from htg all the time. got a few of there system's actualy...great company!
    there digital 600 watt with a good bulb and everything is 199$ or you can get the air cooled for around 250$ all digital too...way better cooler, less on power bill, more light output, and your hps system will strike both MH and HPS bulb' need for conversion bulb's but that joker will strike those too! no problem! 5 years service on them, and your bulb's last way longer in the digital system than a oldskool style(non digital)

    trust me i know some HTG! lol haa also HTG isn't saying it, but the last 3 packages i got they paid for 3 day ship as well...pretty cool, cause they only charge you regular shipping prices but hook you up with 3 day, at there cost..

  3. Will a 600 watt work for a 6'x6' closet? how high do I need to hang it to make that footprint?

    I really want to get the best out of my plants, I mean that's 60,000 more lumens for just $50. I already have 3 250 watt CFL's so I'm not worried about power.
  4. ya it will i see they have actually dropped the price on those
    the digital 1000 watt's will be great for ya then...i would suggest though if you got the cash, get the upgraded bulb for it and a MH bulb added to it as well for your veg will do you wonder's...
    if your not worried about the power than go for it..those digital 1000's run like an old 600 so ther pretty good...shit keep's gettin better these day's...
    your heat is going to go up, but your air cooling...just keep that ballast outside the grow area or up in the attic comming down into the closet to your hood...this will drop temp's as well...
    can you cut shit up? your air cooling so i take it your prepaired to chop shit up a little right?
  5. First of all, while 600w lights are more efficient, they're only around 10 lumens per watt more efficient than a 1000w light is. Beyond that, a 600w light in a 6'x6' space would only give you ~16w per sq. foot, which is really low. It's recommended to have at least 50w/sq. foot.

    I'd look into sectioning the closet off some if I were you. A smaller space will be much more easily utilized to its full extent.
  6. ok bro, 95,000 lumen light is not really
    people grow decent herb these day's with cfl's man....
    i have a 7x5 with 3 400 watt hps lamp's...
    so you could go two 400 digital's or two 600's..would be ideal..that's what makes them sooo efficient...first of all...your not taking this into acount..2 600's is only 200 more watt's than a 1000watt...there is your efficiency...

    190,000 lumen's for 1200 watt's or 145-150,000 for a 1000 watt's

    that's a fuller spread from two 600's and apx 40-50,000 lumen increase for 200 watt's...the same as a 400 watt hps system...for only half the power

    and not only that but just a 400watt hps is proven to do a 5x5 area pretty decent..

  7. You mean cut holes in the wall?
    No, I'm going to use a Dryer connection for exhaust, and just keep the door open.

    Thanks for the info, I think I'll go with The digital 1000 watt with a 6" cooltube.
  8. Old rule of thumb is 50-100 watts per square foot for HID lighting (do not use this rule for fluoro/CFLs), so working backwards a 6x6 room would not be fully covered by either a 600w or 1000w. But you don't have to utilize the entire room, you could utilize a 4x5 footprint and do just fine.

    Also keep in mind that the bulb and reflector are rectangular not square, so the coverage area will be more rectangular.
  9. i thought that rule was for best result's?...(that is the old rule for sure..i agree) but i ask , cause i've grown a lot a bud in a 4x4.5 closet before with only a 400 watt hps...wall to wall in square pot's...had to walk across them to water lol...
    i could have used a 5x5 but the exterior plant's would have been smaller with a little more stretchy, but those joker's will still grow good..yes it would have jammed even more with a 600 or 1000 but hid lighting work's pretty will still grow some decent herb on the edges of the footprint....

    but all in all i do feel that using more light's at a lower wattage say 2 600's or 2 400's is better than 1 1000watt lamp..just get that great light pen and even spread of hid lighting across a 6x6...hell 400's are at htg for 120$ you could get two of those and save yourself some money...better spread of 200 watt's of power..

    i was asking about cutting holes because your talking about getting an air cooled have to run fresh air in from outside the grow area through ducting, then through your hood, then through another piece of ducting to the outside of the grow area...other wise your not truly air cooling the hood at all...putting a fan in there will help a little, maybe 2 but then your just heating up the outer area around the hood by blowing hot air out of really does not work that way...
    your better off getting an econo wing and blowing air on would be cooler than not air cooling those hood's right...not done right a euro hood will create more heat than a cheaper non air cooled one... plus with the non air cooled regular hood's from can bend and shape it a little to get a much wider footprint..heehee..

    sound's like you have a lot of re-designing to will be a pita trying to do the old door open deal...that shit never work's right...the back of the room will alway's be hotter than the front with out fan's blowing around in there...
    your going to need them anyway, so if your shopping at htg, check out the wall mount 16" fan those are sweeeet..and leave ya room to grow as well...

    plus we all have to figure in walking to leave yourself some room to move around and get to plant's...
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    Some growers like me chose 1000W over 600W in a 4x4 space because it's almost guarantied you'll get 1 GPW efficiency. The higher intensity is proven to provid higher light penetration meaning rock hard golf sized buds all over the plant not just the top and bigger and thicker colas, all in all more yield. While you usually get a bit over a pound from a 600W in a 4x4 space doing LST or SCROG, you'd get twice the weight in the same area using a 1000 Watter in SOG. For example the rule of thumb is 18 plants per square meter (3x3), given you have 20% more the space you can fit 24 plants now in the same area. So 1000W/24 = 41,6 Watts per plant and you'd only need 1.5 oz to hit the Kilo. Very doable IMO

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