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  1. Im flowering some random seeds I was gifted. They were in veg for about 10 weeks. They are about 2 and a half feet tall. I have a 5ft tall tent and they are about a little over a foot away from the light. Im getting a net to place over them but dont know if Ill have enough room. What should I do?[​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. Once in flower the will double if not triple the size... going to have to start to tie them down when you go in to flower.. well this is what I'm going to have to do and my solution... I should have done scrog and so should have you lol ... ah well all a learning experience- good luck
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  3. 5 ft eh..take off 1 foot for the hangers + 1 ft for the pots+ 1 foot for distance to tops ..not much left..As Shifte 83 said..LST and Supercrop..
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