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How much smoke do you inhale with a vaporizer?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by AustinPashaw, Nov 9, 2010.

  1. My mom was diagnosed with emphysema about a month ago shes quitting cigs but still wants to smoke pot. Do you get any smoke in your lungs with smoking with a vape? If so about how much of its actually smoke?
  2. Hm...vaporizer...Vapor...nope no smoke at all :)
  3. Its called a vaporizer for a reason.. Keyword: VAPOR.

    Tell her to try edibles?
  4. its like when your in the shower and you inhale water vapor if you have it at a high temp, then the possibility of getting smoke is higher.
  5. I'm fucking flabbergasted by this comment.
  6. If you vaporize right, then no smoke at all.


  7. why? the higher the temp of the vape, then the more combustion there is to the weed, its not always 100% vapor
  8. So what you guys are saying is if my mom smokes out of a vaporizer it wont harm her lungs?

  9. No it won't.
  10. So how do you correctly use a vape?

    BTW Thanks Deerocks13!
  11. Depends on the vaporizer.
  12. You need to inhale slower with a vape unless you have a bag type. With my MLFB I tend to keep my lips loose around the stem so I suck air as well as vapor. (About the same as sipping really hot coffee.) Otherwise I get lightheaded from trying to breathe in too slow. Drawing too much air cools the vape chamber and gets you nowhere.
    Sorry to hear about your mom. Tell her we said High, and be well!

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