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How Much Shrooms Should A 1st Timer Eat?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by RobbyDizzle, Dec 4, 2008.

  1. Well I'm finally trying out shrooms Saturday and I'm buying 1/8 Friday. Some people say eat the whole bag, but a lot sites I've been on say only to eat 1.5 then wait it out to see if I want more.

    If it helps I'm 5'11'' and 200 lbs.

    How many did you eat on your first time and how was it? Thanks.
  2. id say 2 doses. You want it to be enjoyable but manageable
  3. eat 10 grams......you wont regret it........or maybe you will......who knows? i eat at least an 8th......so id say go for an 8th
  4. When doing new drugs ALWAYS take low doses its common sense man you can never be to cautious with drugs. you could be one of those people that have really low tolerances to certain drugs and get too high. 1.75 grams sounds good for a first timer.

    Besides if you're not satisfied with a half eighth theres more where that came from.
  5. what do you mean by 2 doses? Also, I was just wondering...Some people say that looking in a mirror is pretty cool on lsd. Is it the same with mushrooms?
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    Or if you want to blow your own mind to say the least,down an 1/8th

    Remember setting and state of mind are the railroad for the trip that is your train.

    I strongly recommend you don't do em alone for the first time. Trip with a good friend and have someone else around that isn't tripping that can take care of shit.

    Looking in the mirror is really stimulating, can be a positive or negative experience,when your tripping hard you lose connection with self identity and ego so seeing yourself is like a freaky mental contradiction.

    One more thing, let the shrooms do what they do. trying to resist the very alien and altered consciousness will result in a bad trip.

    Have fun :hello:

  7. 2 doses or 2 grams. 1.5 is fine. Id just stick to around 2 grams
  8. 1/4 oz my first time out and it was a trip... Total face of ride but I was safe and in control...
  9. no not unless ur REALLY fucking handsome
  10. My first time I took 2.5 grams, chewed and let sit in my mouth for a sec then swallowed. I had a friend with me, but I walked him home and he told me to take the rest I had(3.5). So I did and I didn't regret it.
    OP: I'm 5'9 165 when I took them so we really close in height and form.

  11. + rep
  12. [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h9EpnVAl5JA"]YouTube - lsd effect[/ame]

    Yeah I dont think you should look in the mirror lol. That vid applies to any psychedelic/hallucinogen.
  13. i go by the rule of.... if you have to ask, do less... its not a matter of question, its a matter of how sure of yourself you are. eat half.
  14. my first time I ate 5 grams, drank it with cranberry juice, 1/4 gallon of OJ
    and like 2 big nasty vit c pills
    I had the best night of my life
    O and I was trippin bymyself
    It all matters on you
    if you have a stable head and arent a mental cripple
    you should be able to handle an 8th easily
    O and prepare for the most fun day of your life
  15. Just try Half an 1/8,then if you want more about two hours later take more.
  16. first time i tripped i ate an 8th of some bomb shrooms. i know they were bomb cause the kids i did em with have done many shrooms in the past. eat an 8th, you won't regret it and im smaller then you if that helps
  17. eat a half 8th, 1.75 grams. Increase in dose as needed.

  18. That actually sounds pretty fun haha. But yeah I've decided I'm gonna take about 2g's then decide if I can handle more.
  19. I took a half eighth two times in a row, then my third time I took a little more than an eighth, and shit was too intense for me. Definitely stick with a half.
  20. whenever i look in a mirror on shrooms i just get lost within my own appearance and ego....then its really hard for me to get out the bathroom

    i am DAMN good lookin while im trippin IMO:D:D

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