How much should I sell my Wii bundle for?

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  1. I have it listed on Craigslist right now for $190. I know that's overpriced but I put that the price is negotiable on it.
    Wii, 2 used wiimotes/nunchucks and 1 brand new wiimote/nunchuck still in package. Mario Kart Wii with the steering wheel. Tiger woods 12 masters edition, Wii play. 3 Gamecube games: Soul Calibur 2, Mario Golf Toadstool Tour, and Animal Crossing. A charging dock with 4 rechargable batter pakcs(the other controllers have packs also, so 7 packs in all). And a gamecube controller.
    And a Wii motion plus attatchment for a Wiimote.
    Any Ideas? I know they aren't going for a whole lot but I need to squeeze as much as I can out of it.

  2. sell it on ebay more people will see it any you can probably get more money out of it.
    id pay about 150 for that bundle max. Those games together are prolly only worth about 25 bucks used. Only ones worth money there are the mario kart and tiger woods... even though its the shitty version of tiger woods half of the courses and shit are locked until you pay or play like 100 hours
  3. Pretty good bundle but I would pay probably pay only $120-150 as Princess Mononoke stated above. The games aren't really worth much. Resell value is low except Mario Kart because, well, everyone played it at some point.
  4. Ppl are gonna low ball tf out a Wii. I would give u maybe 100 ...

    "Think how many dicks she prob sucked if shes 30 and wrkin at mcd still."

  5. Just a heads up but gamestop is selling the Wii (bundled i think) for $50 black friday. It was from a leaked advertisement from gamestop that someone else posted a few days ago.

    Id try to sell it quick before people see the ad in a week or so and decide to take advantage of it. You probably wont be able to sell that stuff for nearly what youre lookin for. Idk anything about Wii, but youll definitely wanna lower your price

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  6. Hi if you still have Tiger Woods I'll buy it from you $30 same as gamestop but my store doesn't have the case like your copy. I can pay PayPal or concealed cash
  7. I just saw the Wii for sale at Gamestop yesterday, Used it goes for 49.99.  Sorry bro.
  8. 1 million dollars...
  9. I sold my wii for 70 with 3 remotes mario kart an donkey kong wii sports stearing wheel. I wouldn't give you no more then a 100
  10. I settled for 120 but got a 150 offer a few days ago.
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    Since wii u has been out for a while i think you could probably get around 120-150.
    however listing it at 190 is good. no matter what price you put pepole will try to lowball

    edit : nvm just saw you posted above me.

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