how much should i sell my supplies for?

Discussion in 'General' started by christymich, Mar 30, 2009.

  1. last summer i had aloott of money, so i thought it'd be a great idea to buy growing supplies cause i wanted to grow.
    well the time came and went, and i couldn't get my seedling to start sprouting in the jiffy cubes so that was a bust. :cry:
    anyways ive been having a 400watt hps light+plug in, a bucket w/resourveir and tubes and crap for hydroponics, and hydroclayton growing rocks as a medium, all sitting in the corner of my room for some time now.

    i just go to school, dont really have a job, but i need to replace alot of shit on my engine so i need some cash.
    i bought the hydroponics thing +rocks for like 80 bucks all together
    and the light was 300. i dont really know how much its all worth now but yeah.

    so what should i sell this crap for? together, or separately?
    thaanks lovelies :hippie:
  2. is the light still in the box
  3. 300ish?

    maybe 2 somethin

    if it was 380 total just using my judgement
  4. well yeah lol but the box isnt in the best shape theres gum on it in a lot of different places lmao
  5. 12.55 $

    just an estimate :laughing:
  6. on the box?
  7. very few people will buy it as a package. you're probably going to have to split it up. e-bay is probably your best bet.
  8. Craigslist!!! Post it as a package and be willing to split it up. You won't get more than $200 for the light and the other stuff maybe 30 or 40 at most.

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