How Much Should I Sell My Bong For?

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  1. I'm selling (not on here, to a friend)  my Roor fairmaster mini yellow label (3.2 mm) bong.  It is only the tube piece.. No downstem or bowl.  And there is a small chip on the side of the hole the downstem goes into, but doesn't effect function.
    It is an authentic Roor with the blower signature.
    What should I ask for it?
    I was thinking about $80...

  2. harrrrrrrr
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    I'll buy it from you for $5 since it does not come with a bowl and its chipped. And god knows who has been wrapping thier lips around that thing....
  4. Eh if it's your friend I wouldn't go steep, especially since there is no stem or bowl. You could maybe get 100 if he really wants it. Surprised someone would even want a piece without that stuff.
  5. Sell it for an oz  :smoking:
  6. They retail for right at $200. If the chip is really noticeable I wouldn't pay more than $50 for it. It's abused without a stem or slide...

    Good luck with the sale

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