How much should I sell my bong for?

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  1. So how much do you suggest I sell my Illadelph beaker and Illadelph A/C for?

    btw the downstem for the ashcatcher is diffused. this picture just had a different downstem in it

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    $150 to me haha.

    But in all seriousness that's really up to you. If you are just going to sell it locally to someone you might be able to get close to sticker price. On online forums people can search for previous sales to find what they have been going for and you're going to take a bit of a hit to your initial investment (I've seen the tubes go for around $200-$250, dont know about the ashcatchers).
  3. id put down 2 bills if its as smooth as it looks
  4. If you paid full price for both of those, IMO, you def won't get your money back on it.

    $200 - $250 seems decent.
  5. Really diggin' that setup man. I'd have no problem dropping 200 on that, but i also don't know too much about bongs. How much did that run you?
  6. my friend has that same setup. he paid like 600 for it new, and realistically, may get half of that back if it sells..
  7. Half on a good day
  8. Whatever you bought it for, then minus $50 is what I'd pay.

  9. Seriously? I would never pay that much. I'm assuming its around the $600 price that the other guy said his friend bought his new one for.

    I would consider paying $250-$300.
  10. Sent you a PM GarnetnGold.
  11. Stoners and their math lol 250 is half of 600 minus 50.(600/2=300, 300-50=250)
  12. Thats a smooth bong rip there. I live that a/c. Id pay 350 for it.
  13. Screw the bong, how much for buzz lightyear?

  14. You can get that on *** for 300 New.
  15. [quote name='"LotzoPlotz"']

    You can get that on *** for 300 New.[/quote]

    No you can't...

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